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Afro-R&B newcomer J.E.N.N.Y brings it on debut The Śingerman EP. The Accra artist tells all

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

The union of popping beats, easy to remember lyrics and the sauce from his falsetto vocal delivery match instantly well on any record. Wheeeeew! Say hello to Ghanaian Afro R&B artist JENNY. The emerging West African musician makes his stunner debut with us as he premieres his exclusive 5 track EP, The Singerman. The Accra based singer-songwriter and producer step up to the stage to show all how it's done with his triple power demonstration as an all-around performer and entertainer, The amazing project switching between lovable growing genres of Amapiano, Afrobeat, R&B and from Reggae and the implication of cultural spice in the mix. This EP is just for you. On the banging new package, it holds the singles: Intro (My Place) W, Roses, Far-Away, Tip Toe and Red Eye. We had time to catch up with JENNY who spoke more about his trailblazing project, working on genres and sounds, his upbringing and more.

The Singerman EP. Click here to stream

1. J.E.N.N.Y it’s amazing to hear your music. Your debut EP is out and it’s smashing blend of sound, brilliance and skill. How do you feel now that it’s out? JENNY: It honestly feels like a dream come true for me it took me a long-time to believe in my craft I had lots of ups and downs and I was constantly doubting myself I have been working on this EP for the past three years and I’m beyond overjoyed that my project is finally out there.

2. We’ll say this, we knew it would be something, but this project right here is really doing its job. Take us through Singerman. How did you build it up? JENNY: Ok so the title of the EP is “The Śingerman” that being said putting this project together didn’t come easy I had to tap deep into all my experiences I wanted to tell my story so I started by going online looking out for the right producers that would suit my sound I wanted a very diverse sound for each of my songs , l then went ahead to contact the online producers and that’s how I gradually put together each song on the project.

3. You really brought a shining impression with this collection of tracks, it hosts such a broad and fully enjoyable experience for listeners featuring Afro- R&B genre as well as other sounds like Amapiano, Reggae and more. What was it like working with and exploring these sounds and placing them in the project? JENNY: Music for me is a space where I can explore my creativity to any level I aspire to. I love to be diverse with my sound so I wanted my very first project to showcase my range and what I’m capable of bringing to the table, African music is very much in high demand in our current generation it was amazing to explore the afrobeat , rnb/soul, Reggae and amapiano genres

4. Being from Accra, Ghana it’s rare we hear artists with a strong and widespread pop appeal. What was it like growing up there and could you briefly share who are of the music heroes that inspired you to pursue music? JENNY: Ghana as people always say is a very peaceful country the values and discipline mother Ghana has taught me is to stay true to myself no matter where I find myself so I always blend my Ghanaian culture to my R&b/Soul sound given it a more alternative style. Growing up my musical inspirations where Michael Jackson, Usher, Miguel and the legendary Asa from Nigeria.

5. For those who are new to you, how would you describe your sound on this project and what is your favourite track off it and why?

JENNY: I describe my sound on this project as a blend of melodies, music is all about rhythm and how your music can impact the lives of people with that being said my favourite song on my project is “Roses” I wrote this song when I fell in love for the first time and it was a beautiful experience for me.

6. Last of all what is next after this project is there more we can watch out for and where can people connect with you online for updates and news? JENNY: There is definitely more to look out for I have other projects coming up in the pipeline, for now, people can always connect with me on all my social media platforms below:

Instagram : jenny_musikk

Twitter: jenny_musikk

Facebook: jennymusikk

Go ahead to follow JENNY in the links above. Stay tuned for more from him.

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