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Bubunaé talks new song Happy Days, shares more behind his upcoming album Long Road and more

Ghanaian music sensation Bubunae has the treatment you need. The upcoming star who blessed the masses with his previous uplifting single Free returns to share his brand new single Happy Days. Built on his clever wordplay and flows and his resonate lyrics Bubunae brings on fine production on this new track sharing about the importance of better days on the horizon no matter what we're going through. The eclectic singer and songwriter also shed light on his upcoming album Long Road. There's still more to come with the journey he's had from his early days and Eps such as Walk in the Park and more. Bubunae also shares what fans can expect on his new body of work.

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1) Hey Bubunaé it’s great to have you join us again. Your new single Happy Days is amazing. What could you tell us about it?

Bubunaé : Thank you. This song is just a bubbly feel good song that’s talks about

happy days to come. This song is for anyone going through a dark time. Just a

reminder that things will get better, just give it time.

2) This tune is a real treat for listeners and your fans. What made you want to make this track?

Bubunaé : I made this song for myself actually haha. Most of my songs are

letters to myself and I put it out there and people relate to it and that’s always a

good feeling when my music resonates. This song has a special place in my


3) What lessons do you hope viewers learn from the song and take home?

Bubunaé: I hope that they realize that life is full of seasons. Some good and some

not so good but regardless I want them to realize that once you’ve had some

happy days before it means you definitely will have some more. So cheer up and

keep a positive outlook on life.

4) You’ve had an impressive run so far with the release of your ‘Walk in the Park

‘ back in 2017 to release singles such as Conversations and Free. How would

you describe your growth as an artist ?

Bubunaé : I’m grateful. I’ve grown so much since I started making music in 2009 till

now and I think I’m more elated that I am an eclectic artist. I’m not boxed in to a

particular sound. I express what I want on whatever canvas I deem fit. The

growth has been evident and I believe I have more growing to do.

5) Let’s talk about your upcoming NEW album Long Road. What can fans expect

from you. Will there be any special guest features on the project. what is the

producer line up looking like and will there be more fun sounds from Ghana’s

music scene on the album?

Bubunaé : I’m so excited about this body of work. It’s a collection of songs I’ve been

working on for the past 3 years. I have songs about love, hope and faith and self

acceptance in there. There are no features on this project and I recorded it with 3

Accra based producers. Decorusbeat, Kris Gyan and KennieBeatx. It’s an

eclectic body of work and I think everyone will have a song in there for them to


6) Finally, What’s coming up next from you. Could we look forward to more

music videos, covers and any live shows coming up ?

Bubunaé : Alot on the horizon for me and my team. I’m planning my first headline

show which I’m very excited about. Also some exciting videos and a possible tour

outside of Ghana in the coming year as well. A lot of exciting things in the

pipeline. Stick with me. Blessings For more follow Bubunae online via Twitter and Instagram

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