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David Kofi talks about the exciting live show at the Royal Albert Hall, making the EP and more

For anybody familiar with David Kofi his artistic flare is sensational – given the full 5-star treatment as this perhaps doesn’t come as a surprise. On his return to the stage this September at the Pizza Express. Kofi excels on with the infectious and popular jazz soulful sound known to many fans and supporters. David who previously shut down the Royal Albert Hall with his Late live performance of the newly released EP shines on again with a behind the scenes breakdown of the concert came about.

Since the release his previous EPs Kokoro I and II David has been busy performing all across the country and now had time to share his thought on his success so far, his amazing live show at the Royal Albert Hall. The multi instrumentalist gives an insight his upcoming shows and more.

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1) Hey David, congratulations on the release of your EP Live at Late Night Jazz

Royal Albert Hall. How does it feel to release this live music project?

David: Thank you so much! Releasing Live at Late Night Jazz Royal Albert

Hall feels like a dream come true for me. As a huge fan of live music projects,

having one of my own is really exciting. When the opportunity to perform at the

Royal Albert Hall came up, I saw it as an amazing chance to not only deliver an

unforgettable live performance but also to capture that special moment and

share it with the world through a live EP.

2) It must have been a major effort to gather all the musicians and performers

alike for such a grand event. What was it like performing alongside them?

Answer: It was a major effort to gather all the musicians and performers,

but I was fortunate to work with a great group of talented individuals.

Performing alongside them was incredible, as we had previously worked

together and knew it would be a great show.

3) The four-track EP it features an amazing range of sounds and elements,

what was your approach making this project in comparison to your previous

EPs Kokoro 1, 2 and Galaxy ?

David: Thank you! All of the songs on this new EP are live versions of my previously released songs. My approach on this EP was to take the studio versions and turn it up a few levels. I wanted to showcase my abilities and growth as a musician over the years. I believe this was achieved with the project.

4) What are your favourite songs from the EP and also what do you hope fans will take from the project?

David: This four-track EP showcases a wide range of sounds and elements, and my approach to this project differed from my previous EPs Kokoro 1, 2, and Galaxy. Instead of creating entirely new songs, all the tracks on this EP are live versions of my previously released songs. My goal with this project was to elevate the studio versions and bring them to a whole new level. I wanted to demonstrate my musical abilities and highlight

the growth I've experienced as an artist over the years. I believe we successfully achieved that with this EP, capturing the essence of the live performances and showcasing my artistic development.

5) Last of all, what do you have planned for the rest of the year? Can we look forward to more live shows or projects coming soon ?

David: I have exciting plans for the rest of the year! I’ll be releasing two live visuals from the Royal Albert Hall show. I recently had a magazine shoot with Musician Union, and the feature is out now, so be sure to check it out. Lastly, I have a live show at Pizza Express Holborn on Tuesday 5th September. Tickets out now!

Link: To find out more from David Kofi follow him on Twitter, Instagram and grab your tickets to his upcoming show in September.


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