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Ghana based eclectic artist Bubunaé lifts your speakers with new song, Free. He unloads more

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

From the African nation of Ghana, another black star shines forth in the music scene, Born and bred on a luxurious island and also having adventures in Ontario, Canada is the terrific singer and songwriter Bubunae who debuts his song Free with us. The motivating track can inspire everyone with its fear shaking score and instrumentation and is a testament to his own rise from naysayers, doubters and onlookers.

Fading in with alarming harmonious background vocal layering with rich orchestral ceramics will spring your heartbeat forward and without delay, we introduce the dashing who shares behind the track details and his musical upbringings, his views on life through the song and what he has following up this year.

Click here to stream Free

1. Thanks for providing this outstanding song. It really is what is needed nowadays. With such a valuable topic matter. Could you share more on the track. What led to its fruition? Bubunaé: Thanks for listening really. This song is pretty much my journey song. I went through a phase where the opinions of others about me overshadowed my own beliefs about myself and I got to the point where I knew I needed to break free and be my authentic self and love me for me. All the good and the bad. I’m only human. I only have to strive to be a better person daily.

2. It sure is easy for the mind with its down to earth and conscious foundation and vibrations. The production is in tip-top shape. How was the adventure building up a quality number like this? Bubunaé: I give great credit to my producer Decorus (Makafui Kukah). He is a genius! We put the song together in such a short time and the ideas we both shared brought the song to life. We have good chemistry together and make marvellous music. We have more on the way and I can’t wait to share.

3. We are glad that more music like this reaches out to those who need it. What strong words of wisdom would you say along to conclude the track?

Bubunaé: Simply, I will say be yourself and embrace your identity. That’s what makes you who you are. Never make anyone make you feel less of a person. You are here for a purpose and in due time you will figure it out.

4. Now it isn’t often we hear a sound from an artist like yourself being a Ghanaian born now returning from life in Ontario Canada over the last couple of years. How much have these places positively impacted you as a musician and singer? Could you share one of your favourite moments so far?

Bubunaé: I moved back to my home country Ghana to continue my music career. Canada will always be my home and it helped shape me into the artist that I am today. I met a whole bunch of amazing talents that I learnt from. My music consciousness as an artist was heightened when I met a friend and brother Chris Hunter. He helped me by exposing me to a lot of good music and that is one of the reasons I am the artist I am today.

5. With the year starting off your music has been a suave track to capture. How would you describe your music to new supports coming across your music for the first time?

Bubunaé: My music is at its core almost always inspirational. The message is there to uplift my listeners and the sound of my music comes in different shapes and forms. I put my heart and soul into everything I create. I hope you feel my heart and soak in my message

6. Lastly, what’s next for you in 2022, Any new projects in the works or touring maybe? Bubunaé: Definitely more music. Working towards dropping an EP and rocking some gigs around the city and hopefully outside the country. It’s going to be an exciting year. I can feel it! To find out more and stay updated with Bubunae. follow him online on Twitter and Instagram.

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