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Newcomer Renée Jones electrifies your stereo with Valentine's day deep R&B single L.O.V.E

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Today is the day people! Valentine's Day, is the February day favourite where many will be straight up rose buying, gifts sharing, champagne popping and late-night lovemaking haha. To accompany such precious activities we introduce R&B newcomer, singer and musician Renée Jones with her feel-good, romantic rush, and sensual slammer debut song, L.O.V.E. The South Croydon, Sanderstead repping promising artist spins in a delightful joint. Let's not forget the consistency of talent that the UK-based act has shown via her ravishing live covers on Instagram to popular songs like Jazmine Sullivan's Lost One, Mahalia's Grateful, Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish, a triple mash-up performance which includes Naughty Boy's ft Beyonce classic Runnin and an Amy Winehouse favourite for many Back to Black just to mention a few.

Stream L.O.V.E available on multiple platforms via Distrokid The easily likeable pop single produced by Rimzmadeit and Cyclopebeatz. The sound shocker is introduced with the classic 4-bar introduction of many successful pop jams and it's so clean, simple and very surely grows on you. With the 4 counts instrumental build first with the warm grand piano and light melodic guitar and then Renée on neat soft lead vocals (and well surrounding harmonies to match ) with the mystic backing vocals sampled within the lower groove and of course the buzzing synth bass and to top it all off the crispiest claps and drum production and together you get a truly impeccable song.

Lyrically though it's greatly written especially to significant main chorus " You're looking me, now I'm looking at you, there's no need to rush, let's just take our time and fall in love. L.O.V.E, that's what you do to me, there's no need to rush, let's just take out time" This track is bangerrrrr! It's been a minute but it's sooo good to hear more and more of the custom style and cut from a different cloth sound of UK R&B and Renee is bringing ittt. As today is nigh don't end your day without playing this ultimate big tune which is perfect for any valentine's day occasion and will bring smiles to those who hear it. The momentum of this record continues keeping the instantly catchy pace, lyrics on the second verse "Emotions running around, noughts in my stomach the world is spinning around, tell me baby do you really want me? Or do you only want me when you're feeling lonely? " and shifts to it's main chorus.

A fabulous number worth the listen. Also noting its clear and clean-toned intervals flowing on the beat and its 90's-2000s classic fade-out ending. As the Alternative R&B riddim builds up will be multiple streams so far and we are confident that it will receive serious head nods and huge positive reception upon its release. This is the type of perfectly heard UK R&B we should hear from the new generation of artists who have helped bring back the much-missed genre, essence and acceptance for the culture. We are very pleased with this debut bop by the upcoming voice of South Croydon's Ren.ée Jones. Watch out for more from this name in the future. To find out more, connect and keep updated on her next single follow Renée Jones online via Twitter and Instagram.

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