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Nina G moves to new levels with her EP What About Love. She talks on working on the project and more

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Listennnn! To all the songs you've loved before you will without debate take this project in. The American born London-based R&B Soul singer and lyricst Nina G shows the full scene what's been cooking in the lab with over the last couple of seasons. Back from her last offering Perfect Thing, So Far Away and 'Soy Yo' just to name a few. The Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse inspired songwriter issues a highly divine project. taking you through an adventures-coaster of highs and lows, turns and spin of emotion centrerd on the themes of love and how it can impact one's life but done in such a smart and fun way. Pulling on the mind and heart this 4 track EP featuring production by producer Pink Blue and Engineer Luke Champion and is a true masterpiece. Listeners also get a treat of hearing some heritage sweetness of hearing Nina G honouring her mixed culture by featuring a song in Spanish. Nina G steps in to chat more about everything.

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1. Nina G this EP is the business. You really took the sound higher on this project. You feature 4 easy to follow and catchy bops. Can explain more about it and what can listeners take from this NEW project from you? Nina G: I think people would be super shocked to hear that this project was for a university assignment. I’ve always been super passionate about finding ways to mesh my hobbies with my education, and it ended up working out super well. How would I describe this EP and what to take from it? Well, it’s honestly about taking these false ideas of love out of our heads and understanding our emotions. It’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to be in love, it’s okay to know when a relationship doesn’t serve you and when it’s time to do what’s best for yourself. What I want listeners to take from this EP is to allow themselves to express and endure their emotions, we are human, and to pretend like we don’t cry, dream, or get angry, is to live in an illusion. So just feel and know that in the end, it’s all about how much love you give yourself.

2. This EP is reloadable galore. There must’ve been loads of ideas, fun and overall, a large fulfilment working on this. What was the process like getting each song from mind to paper, did you work with any other writers on this EP? Nina G : Firstly, thank you so much, I mean when I was thinking about what could be interesting to talk about for 10 minutes I thought- love! However, talking about love vaguely isn’t something I felt drawn to, so I started thinking more thematically- what kind of love do I want to sing about? I had already written the song Quédate way before I started thinking about this project and had been stuck for ages on how I wanted to present this song to the world. I realized it had a perfect place within this EP, so from there, I continued asking myself that same question- what kind of love? With Quédate, it’s about the one who got away, so where do I go next? Well, let me ask myself where did this all start? That’s how I got to What Is Love. I think an interesting way to understand the process of how these songs were written and how they were pieced together, is to understand that I sometimes think of my projects as if they were a novel, there needs to be plot, characters, and development, so I want to take my listeners on a journey. But what does every good story have? A little bit of conflict, which in turn leads to actions being taken, and this is Choices. A song about a toxic relationship where the action I need to take is to leave that relationship out of my own free will. Which leads us to our final song, Within My Heart. There was no way I was not going to give myself and my listeners a happy ending, but instead of the fairy tale ending where I find my prince, I find myself and realize that all the love that I desire in this world already exists within me; it’s Within My Heart.

3. It’s a 360 win. You teamed up with sound engineer Luke Champion. How was the chemistry between you two working on this new project?

Nina G: Luke is honestly so amazing to work with and has always been super supportive of my work. I had hit him up letting him know that I had a project I was doing for a university assignment, and we worked really hard on getting the songs to a quality we both loved. It was incredible how quickly we pieced this all together, and I am so proud of it. He is a great person to work with and I’m so grateful for his help.

4. Not only did you release such a polished EP. you surely have some favourites. What would yours from this project and why? You can also answer as a songwriter as well? Nina G: The polishing is thanks to Luke Champion, I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have him helping me. But yes, I definitely have some favourites and the top of that list is Choices because of the way my vocals just meshed so well with the beat, as well as the lyrics and vibe, I’m absolutely obsessed with this song. I also love Quédate because it’s my first fully Spanish song, and it’s also a very beautiful and emotional tune that I feel you can connect to even if you don’t understand the lyrics.

5. It’s been a truly special moment getting to hear more about your new EP, visuals, teamwork and more. What can people look out for from you? Will you have any more live shows coming soon?

Nina G: Definitely new music! I’ve got some incredible songs waiting to come out and I think people will really enjoy some of the new sounds I’m bringing, as well as some of the old ones I’m revisiting, just with better flow and stronger lyrics. If you fully enjoyed this like we did . Find out more updates and follow Nina G online on Twitter and Instagram.

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