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Obsidian Cane and Singer Lyriqé channel 80’s classic on new sensual love bop JUICE. They unlock more

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Don't you just loooove the perfect artist-producer duos working together and sculpting the most divine catchy and popping tracks of the times? Think of the masterpieces from legends like Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg, Ryan Leslie and Cassie and Tinie and Labrinth and the list goes on right? That's just to mention a few. Another dynamic team piercing through the scene are Birmingham's very own music record producer Obsidian Cane and R&B rising artist Lyriqé.

The two coming along both represent the new-nostalgic sounds of the YSK era of R&B and with a touch of modern flare have been whipping the feel good and memorable jams that you'll just reload again and again. From the success of their debut collaboration on the high-level sound of single, 'I'm Good' the two genius minds connect again, delivering flashback fire with homage to MTume '80s untouchable classic soul R&B track 'Juicy Fruit 'as famously sampled by Hip Hop Legend Biggie Smalls .

And what a super-formed job Obsidian Cane and Lyriqé created with a sharply written and produced record on their homepage to the sounds of the inspiring 80's. The era and flavour stays sparking with their single JUICE. '80sstayhe single already receiving heavy support on the radio by YouKnowIGotSoul, Xune, Soul Addict, and Stereohearts R&B as well as London’s Vibes FM 107.6 Birmingham’s Switch Radio, New York’s Oneluv and Urban Movement in Australia. Without further delay pair shared more behind the sparkling new track, working together, Birmingham settings and more music wonders coming soon.

Stream the full track via Distrokid

1. Lyriqé it’s really cool to have your freshest joint JUICE on the streaming waves. We love this new track by you and Obsidian Cane. How was it working on the song together? Lyriqé: Working with Obsidian is always so easy! As a producer, he gives me a lot of space to create freely and always gives me guidance on how to really put the icing on the cake. Obsidian: Lyriqé is a producer’s dream to work with. We bounce ideas back & forth until we get the result we want then it’s easy for me to produce and master the track.

2. The luscious, glossy tune has a well-loved homage to R&B, soul and Jazz with the song including some sauce from 80’s Mtune’s Juicy Fruit and it works very well on the production. What was the creative process like building up the track?

Obsidian: Juicy Fruit is one of my all-time favourite R&B songs. I also loved Biggie's ‘One More Chance’ and Keisha Cole’s ‘Let It Go’ versions. I used all three songs for inspiration. To me, the soul of Juicy Fruit is the piano and guitar so I replayed those parts in my own style. Once I got that right the drums and bass came naturally. Lyriqé: For me it was easy! I recognised the homage to Juicy Fruit from the first chord and the words just came out of me, this one pretty much wrote itself.

3. You two have built chemistry as creative pros with the success of your previous single I’m Good. How would you describe working together, have you taken inspiration from other producer-artist team-ups? Obsidian: Lyriqé is a producer's dream. A natural songwriter, talented singer and ego-free. Our partnership is built on trust. I trust Lyriqé to come up with the right song and she trusts me to put it all together. Lyriqé: Working with Obsidian has dramatically elevated the music I make myself. The amount of guidance, patience and sheer belief that he has extended to me will always be something I carry with me and am forever grateful for. Honestly, I hope I can do for another artist what he has done for me one day.

4. Now Lyriqé going back to the record. It’s a big track with very nostalgic levelled texture, style and has some strongly lyrically base too. As a singer-songwriter did you enjoy writing the song and were there any singer-songwriters that you looked up as you zoned in? haha Lyriqé: Yeah like I said, this one pretty much wrote itself. My process is strange I guess in a sense, I don't feel like I am crafting the song but more like it already exists in the universe and it's my job to channel it and make it into something universally understood. As for the songwriters, I'd have to say my favourite songwriter is Mariah Carey swiftly followed by Babyface, so anything I do write is always a little influenced by them.

5. Obsidian, it’s certified to have more Birmingham talent getting more shine too. As a producer what was it like moving up in music historically and musically. There must be a lot of significant memories and music heroes that influence you and your sound right? Obsidian: Yep Birmingham is a talent hotspot & I’m doing my best to shine the spotlight ha! I’m producing an album for another extremely talented singer-songwriter from Sutton Coldfield called I Am Born. That project should be ready for Spring 2022. Memories! There are so many! The two that stand out are Mcing for DJ Andy C on a Thames boat dance for 8 hours straight! That taught me whole and the other would be sound engineering for and having lunch with legendary keyboard player Mick Talbot.

6. To finish it all. What’s next for the both of you this year, could new listeners watch out for more music, a possible EP or tour maybe? Lyriqé: Yes! Most definitely my latest EP "The L Word" is due for release mid-spring so I am crazy excited about that. I've been collaborating with artists from here in the UK and over in the US on a number of singles that will be coming out this year too, including another joint with Obsidian so most definitely, watch this space!

Obsidian: 2022 for me is packed. I’m dropping an R&B ep with artist Ferraz, a D&B ep with artist Gizella, I’m currently producing I Am Born’s album, Stacey Pierre’s next UKG single, two singles for artist Karess. I may get back on stage with KP in August at the 51st State Music Festival, I've just finished a Sonz of Thunder remix and finally another R&B single release with Lyriqé! Well, folks, we know you cannot wait for these two to shine more this year right? so follow both Obsidian Cane online via Instagram. and Lyriqé via Twitter, Instagram. Tune in next time.

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