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R&B Darling SBX details her new EP Now That It's Over .The gifted singing rising star shares more

She's bold, badass, sexy and she's back with a BANG. South African R&B singer songwriter and artist SBX returns with a fresh new tape. The music scene ain't ready for this one. The incredible award winning singing talent presents her latest project , Now That It's Over. The 8 -track is a banger of a collection of music and is fit for all music lovers everywhere. Featuring production from various producers , SBX stuns fans with her third EP installment. Fresh off the back of her previous EPs These Songs Are About You Part 1 and 2 the 23 year old sensation is doing big things with the recent of her single cycles, We had the privilege to chat with SBX about forming the EP, her writing process and much more.

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1. Hey SBX, Thank you for giving us more on the brand new EP which sounds amazing. How does it feel to finally have the project out?

SBX: Thank you! Its really exciting. I’ve been working on this project since last year and I’m

just happy to have it out.

2) You done a fine job on this new project, how was the work process while making this project, did you have a specific approach the EP or draw from any of your inspirations?

SBX: I think this is one of my toughest EPs but most exciting that I’ve worked on so far. I

really wanted it to intentional and as experimental as possible. I took a lot of inspiration

from artists like Billie Eilish and The Weeknd with just making music that had purpose

and a theme. I wanted to be super honest with this one.

3) Now this EP is different from the previous ones. As an artist and singer what energy

and vibes do you hope listeners and fans will take from it ?

SBX: I hope, more than anything, that the music speaks to them and they can relate to the

story I’m trying to tell. I’ve worked really hard with trying to capture the vibe of the

project in more ways than just the music and I hope that also comes through.

4) You released so many wonderful tunes on this EP. What would be your TOP 2


SBX: I love them all. But top 2 right now is probably Consider It and Be With You

5) Throughout the course of your three EPs, how would you describe your growth as an

artist? Do you see different versions of yourself from each project?

SBX: I think I’m constantly growing and discovering new things about myself and my journey as an artist with every project. The first one was very young even in the writing style and approach. The second one was a lot more refined and mature. With NTIO, I’m touching

all avenues of SBX as a creative and brand and bring that into the music. I’m having alot

more fun this time.

6) Finally, What’s coming up next from you. Any live shows or maybe you’ve got an EP

loading or more music videos ?

SBX: Expect everything!

For more music and updates follow SBX on Twitter and Instagram

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