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R&B sensation Muna Mone shares her new track 15 Minutes and talks about her come up and career so far

Meet Muna Mone , the amazing new musical talent is a breathe of fresh air in the UK music scene. From her outstanding singles as heard on her debut 2022 EP Diary of a Sad Girl the British-Nigerian is a supreme addition to the upcoming stars of today. The R&B singer and songwriter blends of R&B and Pop are a joy to hear her stunning vocals can be a testament as you can hear on Pop song Puppy Eyes and down tempo track Lie.

We particularly enjoyed her debut EP with memorable soundtracks such as : Hallucidreams , She Said and Mixed Signals. Now the fabulous artist whose ethereal sound is taking the UK music scene by storm shares her BRAND NEW single 15 MINUTES. Muna gave us the insight into her world and shared what it was like making the new song as well as talks on her growth as an artist and much more.

Stream 15 Minutes available on Spotify , Apple Music and ITunes

1) Hey Muna thank you for sharing your new record 15 Minutes with us, it’s amazing. What could you tell us about it?

Muna: Thank you so much for listening! It’s my first release of 2024 so I’m really

excited for the drop. It’s a fun afro-rnb track that gets everyone moving. Easy lyrics but

infectious melody open to every listeners interpretation.

2) This tune is a real treat for listeners and your fans. What made you want to make this track?

Muna : It is real – life detailing of when I tapped into my feminine energy and

went after the girl that I liked at a party I was at. The chorus focuses on the main event

of us hooking up and my friends saying we were gone for 15 minutes but it felt like

seconds. Kind of like my own indirect coming out song, as I can’t outwardly say it as I

come from a conservative Christian home.

3) What lessons do you hope viewers learn from the song and take home?

Muna: To have fun, make that move. Kiss that girl or boy that you’re feeling (with

consent of course). We’re only young once and I think life is too short to be shy and live

with what ifs.

4) You’ve had an impressive run so far with the release of your singles ’15 Minutes, Lie,

Puppy Eyes and Diary of a Sad Girl. How would you describe your growth as an artist ?

Muna: I would describe my growth as experimentally electric. I feel as if I’ve tried out

different things with Puppy Eyes being a testament to that. But even with that I think the

new sound I’m going into brings my weird Ashnikko, Melanie Martinez with afro

production and rnb vocals. I really think Muna Mone is starting to take form and truly

nothing can stop the journey that I’ve started.

5) Let’s talk about your early days in music. Who were some of the artists and groups

that you grew up listening to and how did they inspire your sound coming up?

Muna: As I previously mentioned I grew up in a Christian household, so I listened to a

lot of Mary Mary, Cece Winans, Kirk Franklin etc but I also listened to people like Akon

,Beyonce and Lily Allen. Nigerian gospel artists like Tope Alabi and Yinka Ayefele. But I also

really liked Brazilian funk like Mc Kevinho and Mc Kekel. My music taste has always

been all over the place and I’ve always been very open to listen to all genres from a

young age.

6) Finally, what’s coming up next from you. Could we look forward to more music

videos, covers and any live shows coming up ?

Muna: So much all praise to God! I’ve got singles lined up all year my next one is set

to be released in April so keep your eyes peeled. I’m performing at Womad, Cheltenham

Literacy Festival, Lives of Colour and many more so keep up-to-date with my socials to

be the first to hear.

To find out more follow Muna Mone on Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok

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