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Zemora Amour takes you on a blissful journey with debut single, Your Way. The R&B artist leads on

UK R&B is at prime heights in recent years as the genre has been swiping many ears across the seas. Especially the sound from the homegrown talent on our shores. British recording artist Zemora Amour whose been winning the hearts and minds of R&B lovers has done it superbly well sharing her covers to popular songs from the likes of Jasmine Sullivan, Sir Inglewood and HER online . Her growing talent has been gathering love and support from many radio kings on air including DJ Ace, The RnB Fresh Show and KISS FM. The independent spirted artist whose vocal work can also be heard on Confucius MC's album on the song 'Somewhere' has been praised by many with heavy air play this season. The amazingly gifted vocalist has describes her sound as her 'life in a giant ball' joined us to chat about her debut single 'Your Way' produced by Nxm Notes. The low-sped, intimate, love memoir of a record about the goods and bad in relationships and having your cake and eating it too as well as a few more life gems. To stream the full single click here .

1. Your Way, It’s so you, it’s so R&B It’s a glorious debut single from you. What’s this song all about?

Zemora : First of all thank you so much the support, its really appreciated!. This song is ultimately about telling anyone and everyone that they can't have it their way in YOUR life. It came about at a time where I felt like people around me were doing things to me that they wouldn't accept if it was happening to them but it seemed they expected me to be cool with it. It ended up becoming a mantra for me to be honest, as a way to empower myself into understanding that I am the sole owner all my choices, good or bad and that certain things in my life would only and could only continue if I allowed it to.

2. It’s a super fine debut single we got to tell you how happy we are to hear it. You also recruited record producer Nxm Notes on the track, how was the experience building this record with him? Zemora : Working with NXM on this song definitely helped me grow as an artist for sure he is crazy talented and such a genuine person, I definitely learn a lot being in his presence. Your Way was literally created over a year ago and it went through a lot of changes. I do feel like, as me and NXM worked together more on the track we developed a trust and mutual respect for each other, especially as we kept on witnessing the song go from strength to strength within the creative process.

If you ask him this question though he will probably tell you that I am a complete crazy person when it comes to recording because I like do things "my way" *laughs in pun intended* but honestly we did have a lot of discussions and changes in the camp regarding this song but we trusted each other and communicated throughout to ensure we were on the same page and comfortable about the music we were making.

3. You provided a magical retro styled lyric music video to accompany the song’s release, what was like creative directing and producing it?

Zemora : Oh my gosh!!! Okay so that video is literally the depiction of "We ain't got no budget but we movin’ " That whole video was literally made in my bedroom with my best friend and her brothers camera and honestly it was a bit of a fluke the way the video came around because we had initially taken the camera to do a photo shoot and none of the photos that we took during that outfit change passed my vibe check .

(I wouldn’t say I’m a perfectionist but I don’t want the Art form to make me cringe basically LOL) but when we went to delete the pictures we saw that the camera had automatically been filming between shots so we had moving pictures basically. I then took to my iPad and with my basic knowledge of editing skills I created the lyric video using I Movie and Splice.

4. We’ve seen you provide some beautiful cover work too, from your online videos covering artists like Summer Walker, HER, Beyoncé and more, apart from these wonderful works. Tell us how did your journey in music start? Zemora : So I have always loved music and singing, since I was about nine but I was actually in my second year of university, stressed the hell out and not in a happy place and I kind of just had a moment of reflection and I asked myself what really made me happy. The only answer I could really come up with is music and the feeling singing gives me. As soon as I asked myself that, myself asked me “why don't you just do that then?” That then led me to creating a stage name that I believed I could really stand in. So I chose Zemora which translates to “Song of praise” and I chose Amour which translates to “Love”.

My first big step in this music journey was changing my social media handles to Zemora Amour and literally a few hours after I did that I was DM’d by an up-and-coming magazine platform for an interview as an up-and-coming artist (God was definitely working hard and fast LOL) that was 3 years ago and I feel like Gods just been orchestrating the steps ever since to be honest.

5. A voice, style and debut of artist important so we’ve got to ask, what’s one of the exciting goals you have with your music, and do you look up to any heroes that provide wisdom to you? Zemora : Well one of my goals as an up-and-coming artist is to just work on my craft and be aligned with the people that can add and improve my artistry in every which way, my main goal is to learn various ways of being able to express myself through my music and share that expression with people who can relate.

For sure my mother is definitely my biggest hero in this life because she provides me with so much security, safety, support and love and it's only with these things I feel confident enough to know it's okay to express myself the way I do. She has always made it known to me that I can not only do anything I set my mind to but I can do it with love while helping others, and her life has always been a testimony and inspiration to that.

6. Last of all, thanks so much for vibing with us about ‘Your Way’ . It’s a lit starter for more of hot new tunes that supporters and fans can get steady towards, tell us what else you have to you ready to share with the world ?

Zemora : Thank you so much for talking with me and honestly I am still in the process of really grasping my comfort zone as a recording artist so expect to be hearing that journey through my music but expect to be hearing some new stuff real soon.

We hope you enjoyed this one as much as we did. To get the latest from Zemora Amour and her upcoming live shows you can follow her on online here.


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