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Throughout the years we have had the most adventurous experience hosting a diverse range of events. From live music concerts to Dance Tours abroad, Fashion brand pops and more via suitable partnerships. For more click on the events reels below.


Moor Love was a fortnightly live music and dance event hosted by British dance group VILLAINS who in partnership with the Peckham Levels Group host the events. 



In partnership with Pop Brixton, we hosted a collection of wholesome fun with joyous live music performances and pop up fashion shops focusing on sustainability and uniqueness,

In addition, we get to indulge in the amazing atmosphere of London city's best leisure and event venues.

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ZU Dance Awards new.jpg

Zurich Dance Award

We  sponsored the Zurich Dance Award competition for the youth within public schools in Switzerland from 2018-2019

Hosted between the summer seasons this event in partnership with private organisations within the country was  a delight to be a part of to encourage and amplify the importance and visibility of performing arts and creativity in the country.

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Click here to watch the Villains performance

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