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Brit R&B songstress LO wows listeners with new love single Disappointment

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

North London paves the way and steps aside for the presence of R&B singer and artist LO. The immensely talented name recognised for her described 'Imperfect R&B' style is one to get used to as she dazzles through the music scene this year. She returns this month just in time for the Valentines Day season with another impressive record for your system with her therapeutic, emotive and deep heartbreak track Disappointment. The RXR produced song is one highlighting divulging details about a toxic past relationship that she once contended with. Mind you this is of the best drop you'll hear this February.

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Explaining more on the record she comments on her NEW song saying it's about " Channelling the feelings of disappointment and negativity from past experiences" The upcoming music sensation is a fresh new act that you'll love with her merging the genres of R&B, Trap and Latin powers to showcase a piece of distinct and unique music for all to listen, enjoy and take in. The major name to be has started off the year in grand style with live performances last month appearing at shows in New York, Bangkok, Soho and more.

If you're in for a treat then gather around and watch the divinely shot self-directed official music video which accompanies the record. It's slow motion pace and full saturation build displays another icy on the cake with It's clever art direction and is a elegant visual piece. LO has been doing a super form job with her sound which is able to share inspiration and resonance to all those that hear.

This UK music act whose live performance collection of her Peace/s EP was filmed in Barcelona, Spain grabbed the ear and attention of many R&B lovers worldwide. What an experience that was as she resonated her signature lane with her close to home and audience connection as she presents poetry, spoken word in such beautiful style.

The EP features 4 poems consisting of (Shockwave, Rey, Connect the dots, Devil's ear and He'll never see this. The project 5 track package of ( Damn, Weekend, Locked Down and Hell or Paradise) ) works of which LO says were " pieces of my soul laid bare. Writing it became my therapy or peace, hence the name".

It's an important time right now for R&B as many voices, artists and writers are moving to the forefront and it's about time too especially with artists and musicians like the powerful and royal LO around. With UK R&B dominating again we're sure you'll rock with this star in the making all the way through as the North London singer and songwriter continues to shine through.

Do watch out for more from her this year. To connect to LO and get more updates on new music, live shows follow her on Instagram.

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