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Layal debuts new record This State. She talks on making the track and more

It's so good to have her back. London's very own recording artist Layal returns to debut new single This State. The swayful and graceful singer songwriter shares another marvellous record for listeners to indulge in.

With it's soulful groove and mid tempo swing and harmonious and sultry vocals. Layal took time to chat with us about her newest song. how it came about and sharing her favourite songs, dream collaborations and what's coming next.

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1. Hey Layal, It’s great to have you back to share behind the track This State.

For those who don’t know, what’s it all about ?

LAYAL: This State is about me being proud of my talent & power, giving it the respect it deserves. I’m no longer downplaying the things that I’m good at. It’s probably more for me

than anyone else. I’m saying it to myself. It’s all about the way you carry yourself. It all

comes within, I’m not basing my value on people think because it should come with within

first and the rest will follow. I’m especially not sharing my energy with those who won’t

handle it with care.

2. It’s an amazing track. How was the song writing process for this single? Did you find it simple and easy or challenging?

LAYAL: Actually the writing proccess for This State wasn’t so difficult once I knew

what I’m writing about. I think it’s been simmering in there for a while. It felt like therapytic

actually, as if it’s left mind now and out to the world to become a reality.

When it comes to writing, I make sure that I don’t force it, I let it come to me over time,

once the idea is in my head, I’ll see it everywhere around me, I’ll get inspired by life

happening to me and then it’s just connecting the dots together and making final tweaks

and changes.

3. The music Neo soul, rap and smooth elements, how was it working on the

track’s production, were there any artists and producers that inspired the sonics

of the song?

LAYAL: The instrumental was made by a producer called Mac Kay, I came across his

beats a while ago. Listening to the first 2secs, I immediately knew this is exactly the sound

I envisioned for myself. It was perfect. It’s inspired by Erykah Badu & Isaiah Rashad’s

work. The instrumental is as Neo-Soul as it gets, you know! 

4. You released so many wonderful tunes. What would be your TOP 5 favourites?



2. This State

3. Cosmic Greentea

4. Temporary Highs

5. June

5) Your music is booming with so much to look forward to. If you could work

with an artist and producer on a project who would they be and why?

LAYAL: I’ve been following a producer called Linden Jay for a while he’s worked with

amazing artists like Chloe Bailey, Maverick Sabre, JGrrey and Sinead Harnett. He produced on Doja Cat’s Woman. He’s just so good and creative. I would love to be in the

same room as him.

6. Finally, What’s coming up next from you. Any live shows or maybe you’ve got

an EP loading or more music videos ?

LAYAL: So since mid last year I’ve been working on this EP, Madina & This State will be

part of it. I wanted to make sure I got the promo right, I didn’t want to put all the work in and then it doesn’t get heard so I’m hosting a listening party for it on the

7th of May at 91 Living Room, Brick Lane. This will be before the actual EP is

released so it’ll be exclusive to the people who show up and they’ll listen to it

before anyone else.

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