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Lindsey Farrow explains more about her latest ballad Not Your Story, her summer and more

English singer songwriter and performwr Lindsey Farrow whose lyrical skills is elite , The folk-pop artist has been entertaining audience with her vibrant covers on Tik Tok . The impressive vocalist stays writing what she feels. She continues as she follows up her previous songs 11 Lies, Don't We All, Never Add Up featuring American country pop talent Demi Michelle and more.

Sharing a new narrative of overcoming and standing above hardahips and life's Tests. Lindsey shared her thoughts on the new single explaining that

" The inspiration of this track came from when I was feeling like a library book that people loaned out when they felt like it and returned me all battered and bruised waiting for the next time someone wanted to show me any kind of affection. The track uses the library book metaphor to build the overall message that 'I'm built from the things that broke me' and demonstrate the strength and attitude to rise above it "

Also teaming up with English record producer and songwriter ZephyrHillMusic on the high toned rocky soundtrack. We found out out more as Lindsey fills you on working on the single, songwriting fun, what her favourite songs are and what's coming up next later this year

Available to stream now on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and Shazam

1. Lindsey, it’s fabulous to have you share about this new track Not Your Story.

From your previous songs what led to going in this direction?

LINDSEY: I’ve worked with ZephyrHillMusic (Hugh) on a couple of previous

tracks before (11 Lies and Snowblind) and had also done an artist discovery

course with him. Through this course, we looked at who I am as an artist, what

I want to achieve as well as styles and approaches I can take. As an output of

this, I came up with the idea of feeling used like a well-worn library book or a

number on a page.

For 11 Lies, we went down a country/pop/rock style to express anger over being cheated and felt that the style would work for a number about feeling

used and abused. We were very conscious though that we didn’t want the track to come across as moaning or blaming of others but to have a main theme of

rebuilding yourself after everything that has happened. You may not be

responsible for what has happened, but you need to deal with it one way

or another.

2. Now from the song’s tone and narrative being about ‘rebuilding yourself after

being broken down. It’s a resonating theme many can relate to. What are some

lessons that you hope listeners can learn from the song?

LINDSEY: Life is the most difficult thing we will ever experience and will knock us down from time to time. There may even be times where we don’t want to get out of bed, talk to anyone and just want to be left alone with ourselves – after all, it can feel safer. But you can rebuild yourself after all of the things that have broken you. It’s not easy and what has happened doesn’t go away but you will find yourself stronger when you find your strength and courage from within. You are more than everything that’s been to or at you and finding

yourself again doesn’t mean rejecting the experiences. I know it’s easy for to say as I haven’t been through your personal experiences and you may not be ready yet on your journey to do it. Take your time and pace with it, you got this.

3. You worked on the record with producer Hugh Douglas Webber. How was the

workmanship while creating this song? Was it very organic, easy to construct,

How did he get involved on the track?

LINDSEY: Hugh is known online as ZephyrHillMusic and works a lot with artists

with either advice, artist discovery, songwriting skills as well as co-writing and

writing his own tracks. We’d worked together before on 11 Lies and Snowblind

as well as an artist discovery course so we knew we would work well together

again. I put the idea forward of being a used library book and feeling like a

number on a page and Hugh loved the idea and we got to working on it

straight away.

The construction is very similar to 11 Lies with a verse/chorus structure but

this time I knew I wanted a bridge section. I find bridge sections are the

parts of songs which really express the raw emotional side of the track and

as a singer who sings how she feels, I knew that I’d want a punchy one.

We brought all of this together through emails and Google Meets as we

looked at imagery, metaphors, similes and key emotions for the track. Our lyric graveyard got bigger and bigger until we were both happy with the

structure – the bridge itself came out of one Google Meet and freestyling!

I really enjoy working with ZephyrHillMusic as we bounce idea off each

other really well but also have some powerful creative discussions. We

don’t let something be released without both of us being happy with the


Feedback from ZephyrHillMusic: This latest song with Lindsey is our third song

together. Our collaboration is real proof that you can work on music and songs

successfully without ever being in the same room, and communicating a lot by

email as well as video calls. I had been discussing and talking through with

Lindsey about her creative direction. The aim was to identify her unique

signature strengths with a view to having a clear idea of the type of song that

would show her vocal abilities and musical interests to the max.

It was from these discussions that the concept song called ‘Library Book’ was

found. What a person was like as a library book, we asked ourselves! How

would that play out; judged by appearance and just the cover, picked up and

put down again, or looked over and ignored. We didn’t want it to just be a negative song, so we looked for the ways those situations could empower you, and quickly came up with the idea that things that hurt us, can sometimes make us stronger. The line “built from the things that broke me” summarises that

whole concept. We also wanted the song to be focused on the person on the

receiving end, almost to de-empower the person doing the overlooking and not

seeing the qualities of the other. Taking the book idea again, we found the

phrase “Not Your Story” and felt that powerfully represented the song, and was

a great punchy title.

4. With the original out there, could there be a possible remix coming soon or a

deluxe version?

LINDSEY: Not for this one, I’m afraid. With songs such as this one which is

really personal and capture a specific moment in time, when it is complete and

out there, we let it ride. I’m ready for the next song and to release the next

moment. Revisiting a track is never off the cards but not something I’m exploring at the moment.

5. Now we’re this in the last leg of Summer, how has yours been going, and

could your supporters expect a late summer jam coming very soon?

LINDSEY: My summer this year has been very quiet for performances (except

for the amazing Sandal Scarecrow Festival) but has been busy releasing new

tracks (No Defence, Not Your Story) and exploring new opportunities for the


Last year I did a performance which I was not happy about and have taken the time to re-evaluate if I am good enough. I’ve had a lot of knockbacks in my life and have always been told how someone is miles better than I am. Over a period of time, it can really start to take its toll and one bad performance can send you reeling. Good news though, after my most recent performance at Scarecrow festival and the release of my new tracks, I’ve started to find myself again and definitely ready to get back on the horse. I’ve been working on posting singing on TikTok ( @Real_LindseyFarrow ) to build up that following and when it reaches a high enough amount, I’ll be going on there for some live performances. This is my main focus and reaching out to a couple of songwriters to look at future work. A bit like Not Your Story, I’m rebuilding myself again and finding myself out of the darkness.

6. It was truly a blessing catching up with you on new music and of course

hearing the new potent record. What’s coming later in the year for you?

LINDSEY: Thank you so much for the opportunity and for talking about my new

track Not Your Story. At the moment, I have a couple of tracks I’m working on in the background and reaching out to songwriters to see what we can work on next! I’m very impulsive and like to see where my emotions take me. I keep my website up to date at with performances, videos, music and interviews such

as this one. The website also links to all of my social media so you can interact or

request performances there.

I am hoping now that the world has opened up a bit more, that there will be more

performance opportunities and ways to grow as an artist. I’ve not finished yet!

For more music and updates follow Lindsey Farrow on Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok

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