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Tomiké channels Erykah Badu in futuristic love single Another life. The Dublin artist is ALL THAT

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

If you ever need to hear pure Neo-Soul fire and you especially want them Erykah Badu and Sade vibes. Don't go anywhere until you've taken in the magnificence of the voice of singing starlight Tomiké. The Dublin-based songwriting diamond whose responsible for recent jawns like Its Like. Can't Find You featuring production by BBC Radio host and producer Jack Suddaby and Whisper, Wildflower and never forgetting her 2019 EP project Stages of Love. Giving a deeper look into her newest single 'Another Life' the upbeat and soulful packed sonic with bouncy beats and soaring harmonies all over the record. She notes that the song is a " warm ethereal track ". It evokes a strong nostalgic feeling as you listen.

Another Life. - Stream the full available on Spotify | Artwork by Ike Odunjo The lyrics highlight an honest vulnerable message about hoping to reunite with a special person

in another lifetime. This is just a start to what other magical sounds we can expect to hear from the delightful talent. One of Ireland's leading artists alongside fellow musicians and performers such as Tolu Makay, UNQ, Erica Cody and Bobbi Arlo in the thriving music scene she is instantly a name to get to know very quickly. With her appearances and across the tables of the Ministry of Sound as she was chosen as one of their go-to artists on their editorial playlist and also feature on their Music Music Friday slots. If you want more galore she has even had her records played on airlines ie: British Airways’ Next Big Thing for her single You Don’t Really Rate Me’ playing in-flight being highlighted as a

‘Black Artist to Watch’ by BBC Introducing Merseyside. The singer-songwriter has appeared on many main stages across Dublin city and notably at the 2021 Body and Soul Festival and at Sound City Festival just last year in 2021.

Tomiké knows how to bring the flare and there's no hesitation that she's the sugar and the spice' and has been with such class performance and with her recent official video to her past soundtrack Its Like directed by Bekah Molony and with co-production by Sean Monoly. With fine Choreography by Mai Nguyen & Marketa Reslerova Dancers: Mai Nguyen & Marketa Reslerova. Even this tune right here is a true representation of how huge and super impressive a lot of the new school of Neo-Soul are and don't get it twisted... With her upcoming EP out later this year featuring songs Can't Find You, It's Like and Another Life get all the updates you need online and follow Tomiké on her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and head on to her official website here.

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