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5 Weeks share new pop track Believe It. Lead singer Alexandria talks upcoming EP My Psalms and more

Wait no further for that new melody with the energy to make you get hype, lit and turn up the feel-good vibes this summer season. Because Brighton-based R&B duo get a reload with more behind their exclusive new single Believe it. Hints of house, Acid Jazz and they even had time to sprinkle fun and colourful music video for the jingle too haha. With higher levels being reached as heard on recent songs Woman to Woman and Can't Have It and also dropping music videos to match. They tease fans about their upcoming debut EP My Psalms arriving this October. Lead singer Alexandria gives you an update on all the thrilling momentum for the project. She also gives deeper insight into creating the music video for loved-up riddim 'Believe It' sharing how it was working with the main man himself producer Darren Outbreak.

Stream the full track on Apple Music, YouTube Music and Deezer

1) 5 Weeks it’s amazing to have you back with another summer jam. You both really took it up a notch on your third single. Was it fun making it? Alexandria: Thank you for having 5 Weeks back, appreciate the love. The process is always magic for me, this was actually one of the first songs I wrote 2 years ago. Vibes are essential, and who doesn’t want to sing about going on that date when everything is sexy and fresh?

2) Also, the record is clearly that feeling when you know you’ve found the one. We’re a lot of listeners will love this track. How was the songwriting process for this single? Did you find it simple and easy or challenging?

Alexandria: Lyrics never seem to be a challenge for me, I am blessed in that department. I listen to the beats and the lyrics reflect the vibe and cadence of the song, when for example, I initially heard the Can’t Have It beat, it felt harsh and heavy; so, what came out on paper was of that ilk. Hence the bad words! HA…Believe It feels, warm, romantic, and sparkly butterfly-ish, the lyrics marry the music beautifully on this track, I am very proud of this one.

3) That’s beautiful. and working with Darren as the record producer what it was like creating this high feel-good record. Did you go all out and create different versions and choose the best one? Alexandria: Darren is working on another project currently, but to answer your question, yes, we do the production in stages. Darren makes a beat and together we develop it from there. Additional elements and sounds add nuance, I love chimes and a string section whereas he is a baseline junkie. One of the most important tools we have learnt with production is to let it marinate for a day or so…then go back in the studio with fresh ears. Listening and hearing are 2 different things, right…so objectivity and honesty keep it a succinct process.

4) You premiered a glistening, flashy and very clean-cut official music video for the song. How was it being back on a set and getting more videos done and what was the vision for it? Alexandria: Great question; when we discussed the possibility of doing a visual for Believe It, walking through Brighton at night, towards my person, with that inner glow and vibrancy, reflected this track perfectly.

We worked with the same crew for all videos, Max and George are local but extremely busy worldwide, so it was an honour to have the opportunity to work with them on all 3 projects. Becky Howie is the most when it comes to makeup and getting me camera ready, that is not my department at all HA; Becky is a part of the team now, she knows I’m clueless with preening, this lady just makes it happen. Darren does his onset routine, provides tea, wine and on this shoot his coat. It was all kinds of cold!

5) Bouncing back to the single which is influenced by 90s vocal layerings and acid jazz pioneers D-influence and Incognito. For those who may be new to them could you share how they inspired the track? Alexandria: It’s about that old skool warm soul feeling, heavily influenced with jazz. The inspiring element of jazz is that anything goes. it’s all about what feels righteous in the track, not if everything is pitch perfect or if a loop rides over the base how it would commonly do; if it feels right, it stays. Incognito, D-Influence and local Artist Omar have this approach to musicality.

6) Finally, we get the best part. You both have your debut EP My Psalms loading up right now to release later this month. Please tell us. what’s the vibe like? Are there any special guest features on the project?

Alexandria: There have been some developments regarding release dates…day jobs must be done (unfortunately), although I do love it, and I am currently doing a PhD; time management is a beast I am still trying to get to grips with HA! The EP release is looking more like October; I just dislike feeling rushed, and I’m adornment the project will be completed to the best of all my abilities. As far as vibes on the EP, the good 2 step is essential in all things music! HA, it permeates a reminiscent 90’s warmth, and there is also a message in Better Day, this is one of my favourites. 5 Weeks will also collaborate with Quentin for a disco funk vibe, that’s super exciting, that boy can sing!

For Details on the upcoming EP, new videos and music follow 5 weeks online on Instagram, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

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