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Afro-fusion G Tee Bee free throws summer bop Hold On. He talks working with KQ beats and EP Euphoria

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

He has one of the waviest sounds sparking outta Canada and around the world. Afro-fusion singer, performer and recording artist has done all that jazz with his wicked, high throttle tune and with flashy confident style. The Nigerian, Toronto-based artist previews his first record of 2022 with Hold On. A collaboration with record producer KQ who together created a heart-filling, floor stepping, summer banger. Made with maximum wheels up and sweet vibes. Tee Bee comments on the track further saying the song is a " mid-tempo arrangement heavily laced with the soothing sound of the saxophone and purposeful rhyme schemes is a cry for help from the artist (Teebee) to an intended lady to hold on to whatever relationship they have together " If this is the first track of his upcoming new EP then be assured you won't be ready for the rest of the collection. Hold On, the intro single off the project and it sounds like a mountain level winner already. This isn't first time that Tee Bee has made massive impressions as the stage stunner whose last two EP projects West African Love Story (2019) received love from multiple media outlets such as Okay Africa and going on to reach Number 8 on the Apple Music World Chart and level up EP African Groove reaching Number 4. The slick, cool topman with his smart master mic of Afrobeat, Dancehall R&B and Reggae genres makes the perfect sounds for any setting and for the summers to come. He gave us a quick sit down about his single Hold On, working with KQ Beats, His musical history. More behind his EP Euphoria. Tee Bee also shares his thoughts on his journey and what else can listeners and supporters can expect soon.

Stream the HOT new track out now on multiple platforms

1. Tee Bee! Welcome back, you dropped a sweet one with the dance-worthy tune Hold On, it’s a mega summer vibe, How did this banger even happen with KQ Beatz? Tee Bee: We’ve worked together on a tape in the past & he produces most of my records so we already understand each other musically. We decided to work on another tape for this year & this was the first single we made for it.

2. On this track you teamed up with producer KQ Beats on your first single of 2022. How was your overall journey collaborating on this track together, could you break it down for us? Tee Bee: Honestly, with KQ Beatz it’s easy to make music. He understands the kind of sounds I go for and this track was no different. The funny thing is the track was for the most part done on the first night we made it and in that moment we kinda knew it had to be the first single.

3. Now we remember you from your offering with tracks like Pilolo and Swegbe grabbing our ears. Since then you’ve rocketed up the levels with your live performances of Sere, JO and 2021 EP’s Dangerous and OMO Tee Bee. What can you tell us about your NEW project Euphoria? Tee Bee: It’s different from my other projects that’s for sure. I mean every project I make is different from the previous anyways and sometimes it’s not even a conscious effort, it just depends on what is going on in my life at that point in time. Euphoria like the name implies will give a feeling of excitement to every listener. It is exciting music…that’s the best way to describe it.

4. Compared to your other project musically how will this EP be bigger and what has the energy been like working with KQ Beats. Did you guys have a certain way you made the track, what were the vibes like? Tee Bee: Unlike my other projects, this would come out with a lot more visuals and live performance videos. Also, there has been a significant increase in my listeners now, in comparison to the release of previous projects so I’m building a community where I could engage my fans. One of the ways I’m doing this is with my NFT community. When it comes to making music, we don’t put pressure on ourselves. Usually, he starts off the vibes with an idea he may have & then I freestyle on it to get the melody. That’s basically the “skeleton” of the song. Every other thing like the lyrics, ad-libs, backup vocals etc comes after.

5. It’s sure LIT to gear up for new music from you this year. As an artist what’s one thing that you’re proud of so far in your career? Tee Bee: I try not to get stuck on achievements & just keep things moving cos there’s a long way to go still but if I was to pick one thing, it would definitely be the fact that I sold out my first headline show in my city.

6. Lastly, you got Euphoria coming, with more videos and live performances in the works. Is there anything you want to say to your supporters and new listeners alike? Tee Bee: I love you all and I don’t take for granted for continued support. I got a lot more beautiful music to give y’all, so hold on.

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