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Afro-fusion hit King Floyd Miles talks about dance joint Attract, working with Yung D3mz and more

The illest sounds always spring about when it flows from Los Angeles-based star Floyd Miles. You already know what it is. The Afro-fusion singer, songwriter and hit provider took his danceable supercharged cadence across the oceans as he recruited Ghanaian urban artist Yung D3mz for his upbeat Dancehall infused track Attract. What a year it's been for Floyd as he already favoured his fans with various wonder visuals to recent jams Ifemi featuring Natty Rico, Don't Play, the slow-mo R&B heavy Congruence and many more. The sultry crystalised synths, keys, and rheumatic percussion that gets anybody moving.

As Floyd says himself about this track saying it " stimulates the sacral and solar plexus energy centres of the body, cultivating creativity, power, and sexual energy ". This is record is a straight 10 over here along with the light and subtle lead vocals giving this joint that REAL gloss on the airwaves and perfect for the late summer closing. Gracing you with time out of his ramped schedule the main music man himself takes you the good, the fun and the joys of working with Yung D3mz and his process to the making behind his records and what's coming up soon from him.

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1. This tune is the one! The right melody, percussion, groove, and vocal arrangement is next level. How do you guys feel about the track? FLOYD: Everything Is Righteous. I’m glad we could provide a vibe even though we are on different coasts.

2. Now, Floyd you’ve been cooking up singles that have been slamming and you never fail with the bubbly bright vibes. From Ifemi to Don’t Play and even this one. Was the songwriting process the same? FLOYD: The songwriting process for this was pretty much the same as ‘Don’t Play. Once I got the production sitting where I liked I just let the melodies lead me.

3. Tell us more about the collaborative process of ‘Attract’. How was it created across borders? Are there any moments throughout the process that you guys want to highlight?

FLOYD MILES: It was easy. Of course, naturally, we battled the time difference at times, but the song didn't suffer at all. We were still able to execute a cohesive vibe. The end product feels like we were in the studio together. At first, D3mz just gave me his verse and then I asked him to keep going with the bridge that we sang together. I'm sure once we get in the studio to create the sound will elevate even more.

4. The production on this is hitting, haha. The people know you deliver what they want. Could you talk them through the production of ‘Attract’?

FLOYD: I’m still learning myself as a producer. I’m honestly just putting together sounds that move me. These songs are vibes that I've put together because I wasn't able to find authentic Afro producers that wanted to collaborate. It led me to creating on my own and this is what came about. Being an independent artist you have to do a lot of things on your own if you want to keep moving forward, but it always pays off.

5. If you can describe this song in three words, what would you say? Are you both proud of how everything followed through? FLOYD: Sensual, honest, and electrifying 6. In conclusion, it was a real honour to have you back again to chat about this super single right here. It’s something that many will reload real quick. What have you got rolling through next? Are any more visuals or new EP on the way? FLOYD: ‘Attract’ is the second song off of my project “No Place Like Om” (NPLO). I have more content planned that you should stay tuned for in the meantime. To get more music, updates and live show details follow Floyd Miles via Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok. Subscribe to his Youtube channel

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