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Bono Paige breakdowns her debut single Not that Guy. The R&B sensation takes the genre and tells all

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

South African R&B artist Bono Paige makes an alarming debut with her introductory single Not That Guy. The writer first and talented songstress second is another reason to take in the ever-growing sound and new voices entering from the R&B world. Giving a chance to inspire the view of women with boldness. The Johannesburg singer and songwriter whose sound channels the city and her surroundings. She is due to be HOT property real soon. Recording her songs back in 2021 during the pandemic phase she has made speedy moves and in hyper style with explanation to her style saying " MUSIC moves me, it moves you, it moved the world ". The music sure does a massive job. Strong, honest and therapeutic with a fresh twist. We find out more behind her debut single.

The R&B catalyst shared more on her humble journey, from high school day memories writing for classmates to being a voice for women and unproblematic and pure love , talks about inspirations like Summer Walker, Jhene Aiko, Niija, Beyonce and Neyo and also more of what's to come this year.

Not That Guy. Stream it HERE

1. Welcome Bono Paige, it’s awesome to hear your first ever record and what a song it is, Not That Guy. What’s it all about? BONO: Not that guy is about realising that the grass is greener on the other side of sticking out relationships that don’t serve you anymore. There are so many good opportunities to meet great people that you’ll miss if you are committed to something that’s not equally committed to you. Love is a beautiful thing when done right, give yourself the opportunity to be with people that want to do it right with you.

2. Now you know the debut material by any artist everywhere is a big deal. What tone do you hope this will set for you as an artist and what channelled this record. were there any artists you took notes from?

BONO: Getting to a point where I’m confident enough to embrace my musical gift hasn’t been easy and debuting with “Not That Guy” felt right because it speaks topeople'so much to the tone I want to set. I’m a huge Summer Walker fan and listen to a lot of RNB female artists like Jhene Aiko that speak about the experiences of women in different situations. The tone I’m hoping it sets for me as an artist is a tone of being the type of artist that can help people find some sort of comfort in knowing that it’s okay to be vulnerable and key your guard down but it’s equally important to know not to be in anything that’s not good for you. An artist that is open and honest in their music while displaying good pen and solid vibes.

3. With yourself you described your flow as being a ‘writer first’. Growing up what led you to become one and were there any other writers that inspired you? BONO: I have a very tough exterior and haven’t always been able to communicate my feelings to people and that’s what sparked the writing, I figured it was a way to let my emotions without having to be in confrontational situations. I have always been the kid to write other peoples speeches back in high school when we had oral assessments so I always knew I was good at it. Neyo has always been my favourite writer but now I gravitate towards Nija who writes for major people in the game such as Beyoncé and I look forward to one day being able to write for other artists as well.

4. Now the South African music scene has been blazing for years and we deeply dig the R&B lane too so, What drew you to become an R&B artist in?

BONO: RNB is my love language, from old school to the new stuff. I love everything about it and as a person who doesn’t really emotionally open up RNB has always been what I listen to, to help me navigate the things I was feeling. I just know RNB is where I belong. It feels organic to me. It was never a decision to specifically make RNB it’s just what feels right to me.

5. Being a fresh new artist in the scene whose music is here to ’ represent young women globally’ what positive light do you hope your music can shade more light on?

BONO: It’s so important to me that women feel confident, beautiful and worthy of a good unproblematic love. I hope to shed light on that in my music because dating in the social media times is so brutal with everyone always feeling like they can do better than the person their with. I want to bring back the positive side of dating and any type of relationship for that matter and I hope to bring more light to that as I go through the journey of trying to find that myself.

6. Last of all, thank you for your time and what can new listeners and fans look forward to from you this year, new tracks, music videos or maybe an EP release?

BONO: I’m currently working on my first project that’s going to be an EP. Working with 2 incredible producers, Rey40Hz and PRNTW. It’s about 70% done and I cannot wait for people to hear what I have been cooking. You heard it here people. Get set for the brand new fireworks from the R&B scene and follow Bono Paige online on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok for more.

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