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Emani Talitha talks about her ground breaking EP Loving my 20s, her early start in music and more

Updated: Mar 8

UK R&B is alive and healthy thanks to the emergence of fresh new talent in the music scene. She's a brand act in the game but by the time you get through this project we're sure you'll be hooked by her name and music. Introducing Emani Talitha. The British R&B singer songwriter whose EP Loving My 20s has been doing the rounds lately. Full of energy, charisma and zeal the South London born music act is an exciting new talent . Bursting onto the soundwaves via her impressive popular music covers on Soundcloud and YouTube Emani is a force to notice as the promising new star shares an incredible range and is due to be hot property in next few years. The UK songstress inspired by artists such as Teyana Taylor, Brandy , Jhene Aiko, HER and Mary J Blige shares more behind the making of her EP , how it all came about and also gives insight into what her expectations from listeners of her project.

All centred on love, heartbreak and a rollercoaster of transitions ranging throughout the young singer's life right now. Loving My 20s is bold, fresh and pleasing introduction into Emani's debut. Featuring guest appearances from Big Jest (Rapgame UK ) and a flawless collection of music , Emani Talitha is a huge star in the making.

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1)   Greetings Emani, welcome to the platform. Your EP is absolutely stunning. we really love it. Could you tell us more about how it came about? Emani : Thank you so much, I’m so happy that you enjoyed the project!

The project came about after years of me locking in and perfecting my craft, taking my vocals, writing, storytelling and beat selection to the next level. I really wanted to have a body of work that people could not only absorb and relate to, but also let my audience understand more about my personal story.


2)    What was the inspiration behind starting your EP, was it a reminiscent project like making songs based on memories of the past ?


Emani : The Inspiration came from different stages in my 20s. Moments of heartbreak, insecurities, love, passion, fun, and times where it felt easier to put it into song and melody than to sit down and talk to someone. Some songs also came during lockdown where I was just stuck with my thoughts and feeling stranded. Music was such a great outlet for me.


3) You’ve come a long way from the early days. From your popular song covers such as Drake ft Chris Brown No Guidance and Dave ft Burna Boy's Location to releasing your debut project. How would you describe your growth as an artist ?


Emani : I really loved doing covers or “ET-Mixes” as I call them ( because I would rewrite them). Those covers would help me exercise my writing skills and give me the confidence to continue to write my original music. I would say I’ve grown vocally, lyrically and as an artist all around. I’m clear on what I want to sound like and what message I want to portray. I would like to describe my growth as inspiring.


4) What do you hope fans and listeners take from the EP Loving my 20s, what do you want them to feel or learn? Emani : I want listeners to feel understood, inspired, love, encouraged, elevated and overall feeling good vibes. I touch on relatable topics and I want them to feel that as they listen. With songs like ‘Therapy’, ‘Manifestation Song’ and ‘Blessings’, I particularly focused on wanting people to know they are not the only ones going through it in life and that speaking your truth will set you free. I want them to know that there is definitely power in the tongue and the music we consume daily. Manifestation songs and blessings should be their mantra. Good energy always!

5)  What advice would you give upcoming creatives coming up who want to start a career in the entertainment industry?

Emani : Whatever your talent may be, do it for yourself first. Make sure you believe in it before you give it to the world. When you’re confident in your art it’s easier for you to promote it. Also, try different things, enjoy the process of what you do, create a little team with other talented people around you, network, be visible, use social media to socialise with other creatives and most importantly, BE YOURSELF! We can tell when the art is truly authentic.


6)  Finally, What’s coming up next from you this year, more podcasts, some film projects or events coming  up? Emani: The goal is to push this project for as long as I can. I want to flood the streets with ‘LM20’. You will see me on podcasts, doing bigger shows, and more collaborations. Towards the end of the year I would definitely love to put on a ‘LM20 Live’ headline show. There will also be more music in the summer, music videos from this project and overall more creative ventures and opportunities in 2024 and beyond.

Connect with Emani online and follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok


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