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Bono Paige fills you in with her latest R&B ballad Not Anymore, she talks about her EP and more

The South African music scene has been booming and with artists like Bono Paige around the space is sweet and strong indeed. Bono Paige the rising star returns to the stage with her latest single Not Anymore graces the charts with a low down R&B ballad.

The 24 year old singer songwriter who released her promising singles Not That Guy, Should've Known and also her album EP Caution Tape spoke to us about the ups and downs of love on her latest track and chats about her ....

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1) Hey Bono, it’s an honour to have you feature once again. Your latest single Not Anymore is out right now. What could you tell us about it?

Bono: It’s good to be back. Not anymore is a more confrontational approach to my writing. I

haven’t written something so confrontational before and I’m noticing that’s it’s a theme in

most of my new songs. I guess I’m just not afraid to speak my mind anymore.

2) This track is a deep one about not being attached to a bad relationship and not being tied down to the lows. What was your approach when this song, did you draw energy from your own love life experiences or someone else?

Bono: I think everything stems from my personal experiences with love. I think I’m just narrating past experiences because this song doesn’t speak to my current experience.

3) This is a great release since your EP Caution Tape which dropped last year, How has the reception been around that, we hope people loved it like we in the UK do ?

Bono: I think with any release until you make it to where you want to be it’ll never really be

enough or it’s hard to gauge the reception when it’s not everything I want. I’m still learning

to take everything in, even the small wins.

4) Moving on to your latest single, what do you hope that listeners learn from Not Anymore?

Bono: 100% I don’t think there’s a lot of growing in relationships that aren’t nurturing. I’m a huge advocate for leaving. I’d encourage anyone to leave.

5) What has been one of your best lessons from your music career so far, could you share any advice for the younger generation who are looking up to ?

Bono: My biggest lesson is so give things time and I’m still learning how to deal with that so I’m not sure I can offer advice on it. I just know that patience has been the biggest lesson and that persistence is the solution.

6) Finally, What’s coming up next from you. Any live shows or maybe you’ve got another single loading or more music videos ?

Bono: Definitely have visuals on the way. Live shows are a huge goal in the coming year and I hope this year also offers more opportunities to do so. I have a lot of experimental music coming out, sometimes it sounds like RNB and sometimes it’s more soulful. I’m excited to show what else I can do apart from traditional rnb.

For more info and updates follow Bono Paige online on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok

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