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Casscade unveils a stern visual to song, Doing Alright. He gives us a breakdown behind the track.

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Back from the North, King Casscade descends again, he has gained victories with his music performances, live charm, charisma and stylish delivery. His new demonstration of icy melodic tunes is heard on his follow up new song Doing Alright. Re-arranged by South London producer Elliot Herrington the single is another form of the UK act's lyrical topics on love, connection, confidence and also shows his flexible vocal tone and talent.

Casscade who has been mentioned and spun by like the likes of Capital Xtra and given the blessing from DJ Semtex and has featured on Viper magazine for his former release including a fiery, elegant and striking trap RNB song Dance for Me and also his previous live version of Zoning performed at Asylum Chapel. With vibes and explosive waves coming from the British rapper, singer and songwriter who showcases Crazy Scenes for all. We had the privilege to host a chat about his new song, his creative direction and also hear from him about being an independent artist and the advice and wisdom he had to tell.

1. Hey Casscade, Thanks for the latest gift, Doing Alright, and what a track it is.

How did you create this track?

Casscade: This is actually a special rendition of the original release from 2019. It was a big release for me at the time and the only song I dropped that year but it carried me over from summer until the end of the year. Till this day it's still one of my most popular songs. If I remember correctly, I stumbled across the instrumental online. It was an American producer called "Big Jeezy". It really blew me away at the time and I'm a nerd when it comes to sonics in music. It sounded like a musical hybrid of uptempo funk, RNB but still hip-hop with a slight touch of afrobeat. I reached out and the rest was history. I was listening to it one night and instantly had the hook. I knew exactly what to do with it. But yeah.... bringing it back to today's date I just thought it'd be cool to give the original listeners a chance to hear it in a new light and a chance for new listeners to really take me in. Shout out to the producer Elliot Herrington. We put this together in less than an hour!

2. We’ve been enjoying these live performances of your tracks first with Flashing lights / Dance for Me (ft Carmy Love). Then Zoning and now the new with Doing Alright. You must really like this format. what attracted you to build up this catalogue?

Casscade: Thanks man. I'll be honest... I'm just a fan of great music. In my spare time, I actually watch loads of live performances from all types of genres, renditions, I even listen to soundtracks and musical covers of songs. My whole life I've studied the greats and I just feel like I'm at that stage now where it's like what am I waiting for? Let me really show the masses what I'm capable of and where I'm at mentally with this music. No super-expensive aesthetics. Just straight up creative ones and raw talent. That's the foot I'm stepping with and it's how I stepped into the game. Sometimes you get so caught up on the things around the music when it's actually better to focus on what's important... The music!

3. It’s very bold, direct and many viewers will take a liking to this route you’ve taken with the range of your material both in genre and creative direction. With the live performances, what is the behind the scenes like?

Casscade: I see music as colours because I feel like it helps depict a mood which ultimately adds to the story. If you've noticed, every live visual has been based around a specific base colour. So if you see me post a new colour you can potentially expect something new to be happening haha. Besides that, it's all about inspiration. The smallest thing could inspire an idea. For example... I randomly came across a string quartet of "thong song" by Sisqo on Twitter and thought it sounded COLD! I began searching for string quartet versions of songs I liked and ended up coming across the Kanye West "Flashing lights" one. I was playing it daily. Then randomly, I sang the dance for me hook on it and that's how it happened.

4. We really rock with your sound and as an artist from London, what is one of your favourite cherished moments as a musician, it can be mental wisdom, practical knowledge, is there any advice you can share with others out there?

Casscade: The music game taught me how to be resourceful. When in an industry that is so fast-paced and requires you to think on your feet to capitalize most of the time, you need to be ready! Especially if you don't have the financial budgets. In that type of situation, you need to learn how to make things work. It could be that you need an extra £100 to put into promo for your next song that you don't have. So maybe you need to make it yourself using canvas and a tutorial on youtube. There's inspiration everywhere. And although the internet can feel like a prison for creatives because it feels like you're always trying to keep up with the latest trend, it's also a blessing. Utilize the good that it has to offer. What you decide to follow on social media or give energy to in general, is what is going to shape your mind state and how you feel about things. So make sure you're not ignorant to things but try to absorb the good rather than the bad, Balance. Always be ready to learn too. You can never know enough.

5. You’ve mentioned before about being an independent artist too. What’s your perspective on going about your career this way, do you have any words that could encourage other creatives like yourself?

Casscade: Stick to your guns and do what feels right to you. I'm still independent and giving you all these songs and aesthetics by myself. I bounce ideas with my boy and I usually only go ahead if he gives it the nod as I trust his judgment but that's just about it. Don't be afraid to be different. It's what will give you your longevity. Nobody will be able to remove you once you're supplying something nobody else can re-create. That's where the power lies.

6. We admire your work and everything you’ve presented so far. With 2022 here and rolling through, what is next for you coming up?

Casscade: I'll exclusively say this here; I'm currently working on a project. I actually want to deliver a phenomenal body of work/mixtape. No skips. A whole new me. You'll get vibes, a banger or two (or three lol) but some real introspection. With my time away from releasing and all the craziness since the pandemic started I've had time to think, go through things etc. I think with my next art piece I have a lot to say. I'm just in the process of aligning the old me with the new me but it's coming.

Connect with the musical protagonist online via Twitter and Instagram

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