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Dave Creates and WayV Walks chat about their collaborative Hip Hop Neo Soul joint R U Still Down

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

He's back with another one ayeeee! The true one and a Lord of the mic DaveCreates served a HOT new track last fall when he sprinkled the wavy sounds from many tracks (You Decide, On my mind featured on fellow Brit artist Elmaire's Storms and Sunshine EP, and his own stern Ascension EP ) Popular sounds also included the deep Hip Hop soul bop 'R U Still Down' last November. The UK ultimate rhymer and poetic stunner teams up with British producer WayV Walks to present a feel-good, mid-tempo joint with the swing, bounce and easy to follow with the song's catchy chorus. The classic narrative meeting a sweet one of a lady and just vibing and the set-up within the song is precious. With its perfected crafted snappy drum production and fun, warm synths by WayV. The two who last worked on the track Being Yours ft Temi Christina gave us a little more detail into the song's making, working together again, the inspiration behind of beat and what's coming up this year.

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1. Thanks for joining us, guys, R U Down is magnetic and a full-on experience

with hypnotic hip hop production and soulful jazzy romantic jam, what do you think

of it?

DaveCreates: I'm in love with the track! As soon as WayV Walks sent over the beat I was inspired instantly. I didn't get to the end of the track before melodic ideas came to mind. I'm so glad it came out the way it did.

WayV Walks: It’s a bop if I do say so myself. I sent a very rough beat to Dave just to see what he thought of the sound, then this man sends me a full trackback in less than 24hrs. Happy to make such a sweet one with the bro.

2. Now Dave Creates you’ve been cooking up a heck of a name for myself with amazing songs and killing features and that’s awesome, how was it working with Wavy Walks again and what was this collaboration like?

Dave Creates: It's always so seamless working with bro. Our mutual love for good music and good vibes definitely adds to our chemistry, so when it came to this and other tracks we work on, it's always pretty chill and organic.

3. WayV Walks, the production is a phenomenal piece of music, with the dual mix of hip hop and neo-soul what was your approach when you started building the track and who are some of your producer heroes?

WayV Walks: So I was just messing around with some different sounds at the time, I’d actually been looking into how Thundercat makes his signature sound, then halfway through that journey I stumbled upon some of the sonics that would eventually form the foundation for “R U Down?”. Production heroes would have to be Robert Glasper, Tyler the Creator, and Matt Martians, but I have to shout out local legends like Scott Xylo, R-Kay, and Intalekt - there would be no WayV Walks without any of them.

4. Dave Creates, the lyrics, flows, delivery and performance is on point, as an MC how was it writing for this track, were there many drafts before the final verses and hook?

Dave Creates: This is definitely one of the easiest tracks I've worked on in terms of the creative process. WayV Walks sent me the beat one night and I started to voice note ideas right away. By the next afternoon, I had come up with the hook, first verse and bridge. Verse two came a week or so after but the bulk of my writing came together within that first day. I really connected with the instrumental so it was pretty easy to conceptualise and execute the idea.

5. We love the work you two have presented so far, with Being Yours and R U Down out now. Are there more records we can hear from your rapper and producer team-ups maybe some remixes?

DaveCreates: We have more in the bag for sure! The Wave'N'Dave partnership is here to stay so you can definitely expect more from us.

WayV Walks: Wave’N’Dave sounds too good for this to be a one-time thing, watch this space.

6. To conclude is anything you’ll want to say to your supporters and where the

new ones may find you?

Dave Creates: We're so grateful for the love everyone has been showing "R U Down?", we can't wait to keep creating and put out more music! You can keep up with me on socials and streaming platforms: socials: @iamdavecreates // streaming : davecreates You can also follow WayV Walks online on Twitter , Instagram and other socials

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