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David Kofi presents his EP album Kokoro II .The bright UK star highlights the highs, lows and more

Wow ! This essence, the poise, the energy and overall power from this Extended Play by British-Nigerian music artist and musician David Kofi is truly divine. The Londoner himself pieced together and true outstands list of non-stop play soundtrack. The Jazz- soulful artiste and producer stopped by to share his latest creation Kokoro II. He told us more behind it's making, the fun , learning process and his favourite memories while creating such a masterpiece as he fuses together Jazz, R&B and Neo-Soul to express an extraordinary muse of instrumental numbers. If you love the sound of collective groups like Snarky Puppy and Free Nationals and Anderson Paak? then David Kofi's music is right up your lane for sure. The UK pro has come a long ay from his humble soils playing the piano at 8 years of age, releasing Galaxy EP in 2014. UMA best jazz blues act nominee in 2016. Not forgetting the release of his 2-track EP Kokoro (Part 1 ) and more. David gives you the heads up on what to look out for coming soon this year and early 2023.

Stream it here on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and more 1. David Kofi, What an honour it is to have this chat about your album. How does it feel to finally have it out there? DAVID: I am delighted to release Kokoro II finally! Although it took a bit longer than anticipated, I am very proud of the quality of this EP and feel that I have matured as an artist in many ways. I love the process of creating music, but also love the collaborative aspect of working with other people whose talents bring something unique and special to each song.

2. What has been your favourite moment from working on this project? DAVID: My favourite part of making Kokoro II was when the string players came in to record! It was the first time I had recorded live strings on a track. We had been using logic strings up until that point as a reference, so to finally hear it being played live was a great moment. Simmy Singh played the violin, Klara Schumann was on cello.

3. You did a stunning job on this sequel to the first project. What would you say you’ve learnt or improved on from the first project Kokoro part 1 ? DAVID: The songs on this EP are longer than the first project. And I think that was a good choice. On the last EP we tried to keep the songs under 3 minutes. But on this one, we let them be as long as they needed to be. We spent a bit more time on the process of creating the songs before the studio sessions which helped the overall outcome of the tracks.

4. Also you named this EP a very interesting name ‘Kokoro’ what is the meaning of it and what does it mean to you ? DAVID: The word ‘Kokoro’ means the mind, heart or soul - the essence of ourselves. I chose this name as it represents a very clear message in my EP.

I feel like my music has been about finding myself and realising what I want out of life or who I want to become, and the titles describe that.

5. What is your favourite song or moment from this EP and what was the best thing about making this project, is there anything you’d want listeners to take from it ?

DAVID: Track 2 Lenikaeru is my favourite song off Kokoro II. It was the first song I wrote after the Kokoro release from last year. I mentioned it before, but the strings section is my favourite part of EP! I hope the listeners will be inspired and hope the songs will be a soundtrack to something meaningful in your life.

6. Last of all. Thank you so so much for stopping and talking about your EP. It has been a blast. What can we look forward to later this year from you? DAVID: Thank you for the interview! I will be releasing the live versions of Kokoro II very soon. I also have a headline show at Elgar Room (Royal Albert Hall) on Thursday 23rd February 2023. Tickets on sale now! For follow into and music galore you can connect with David Kofi via Twitter, Instagram | Tik Tok and YouTube

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