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Devin Kowl takes you through his soaring R&B single Missing U

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Washington DC R&B artist, singer, songwriter and producer Devin Kwol starts off the year with his first song of 2022. The quadruple threat and showman exclusively releases the premiere to his new emotional and vulnerable love lost single Missing U. The soulful vocals and heavily laid harmonies, raw synth bass and light percussion cater to the lyrically focused song. Noted as a ' call of love and hope. Not gone just sought'.

This is a passionate selection with Kowl's smooth vocals, lithe falsetto, and incredible melody. Devin who has been in the industry for a while after starting out as a performer from age 18 across the DC state appearing at the Abbey Blue Jazz and Super Club, Scion's Got talent and also later developed his own sounds from his R&B, Jazz roots, and featuring in MTV Emerging Lounge. From his previous gems like You, covers of popular records over the years ie: the Luke James' classic 'I Want You and Kings of Leon's Use Somebody along with many others. Devin also takes pride in his positive and inspiring Philantrophy work as an entrepreneur (Favour Consulting Group) and he sat down with us to give us the scoop on his new song. Watch the all NEW music video which is a spectacular masterpiece.

1. Devin, thank you for gifting your new track Missing U. It’s a proper R&B ballad, how does it feel to finally release it?

Devin: It feels like a long time coming. This record is very special to me. I wrote this record a while ago and really sat with it for a while before finally releasing it. This record was a very very vulnerable one for me. So I am very very excited to share this record with the world!

2. This track is greatly produced as well with a slick, melodic guitar intro and base followed with complimenting percussion and the fiery falsetto vocals and harmonies. How was it working on this track with its producer?

Devin: This track was pretty simple to write. We literally created the track while I was in the studio and immediately the track gave me so much inspiration we started writing it on the spot and before we knew it we were ready to record it!

3. The song as you describe is one about the act of falling out of love and that time provides the hope that the lingering pain will disparate. Lyrically it’s a fine piece of literature. What was the backstory behind this, could you share a little on it?

Devin: Missing You started out as a song that was about missing the love of your life and then the meaning of it transformed into me missing myself. Given the relationship break up I was going through at the time and the pandemic that was happening. I found myself looking in the mirror and missing myself. I didn’t know the person looking back at me which for me was different. So, it became a letter to myself in a sense and trying to give myself hope but at the same time being transparent and sharing it all with myself. Part of healing is being able to accept where you are in your own process. That's what the song is about! So it's so much bigger than just missing someone it has so many meanings for a lot of people!

After two years of being in a pandemic.... people are missing their confidence, peace of mind & etc........ So in writing, it took on so many meanings the more and more I got into it. I just kept writing about how I was feeling!

4. And as a songwriter what was the writing steps like ... Did you write it within a day, or did it gradually grow over time? Devin: We wrote it literally in a couple of hours. I believe tracks give us inspiration. I can listen to the track, and it will tell me exactly what to write about. Now even though we wrote it that day the more and more I sat with it the more and more the meaning of the record changed for me.

5. Now you’re from Washington DC and it’s proper to hear about your work being a singer, songwriter and producer who were some of the heroes that you looked up to growing up in Washington DC?

Devin: Great question. DC has so much of what us natives call hidden talent, and I could name a million swingers that I love in DC but folks would have no idea who they were.

6. Finally, to finish it all off. We appreciate the passion, heart, and strong music you’ve put out there. After this what else have you got arriving soon, you got an EP or any live performances this year? Devin: Thank you. I have more new music coming and I also have a show I’m doing in February with my friend Lorine Chia.

To follow Devin online and stay tuned for updates on his Twitter, Instagram. Visit his official site.

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