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Emmy Law stuns with Indie-Pop love bop record Black and White. She chats on the catchy new jam

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Lately, we've been digging the super attractive style of new indie-pop artists making their sound glow more and more. For years the simplistic, catchy and very significant memorable template songs from within the genre have made to us by ear has been so profound. The upcoming artist who many may recognise from previous songs and live performances of records like Chameleon, Fairyland and Kid. Another song to add to the list is 'Black and White' by American rising artist Emmy Law. The Atlanta, Georgia born singing and songwriting indie-pop folk songstress who built a name for herself performing around the city at popular venues such as Eddie's Attic, Red Clay Music Foundry continues moving up even higher with her widely heard Bitter Heart EP produced by Mat Poole (released back in May). She appears once again with her brand new single, based on the situation of aM male friend hitting on her but she swerves his advances concluding that opposites don't always attract. Produced by New Jersey's Shane Becker. With her sound filled with authenticity, challenge the pop sound status quo and hooks her listeners to her own truth. Emmy explained more on her new song and much more deeply on her story so far.

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1. Emmy it’s an honour to hear ‘Black and White’ it’s a heck of fresh catchy jam on friendship, love and being opposites with a hopeless romantic friend and just not attracting haha. How was it working on this record?

Emmy: I had so much fun working on this song! For the first time, I worked with the producer, Shane Becker, remotely. We used AudioMovers to communicate and go through the track. I recorded demos and parts and sent them to him. I recorded the vocals in Nashville with Josh Bonanno, and that was really fun. It was a cool collaboration between the three of us, and I had a blast. Definitely going to do more songs with them in the future!

2. What a track this is, it must have been hilarious writing about it, as a and artist what was the process like, did you write this swiftly did it take more time to piece together?

Emmy: It was a fun one to write! I wrote the song in 2019, so I’ve been playing it for a few years. I wrote it about a situation I was in actually….I was in a relationship with someone with who I got along very well with, but who was very different from me. I wrote the song from the perspective of the two of us as if we weren’t dating. I think I did write it in one sitting.

3. We adore the indie-pop roots on this record, the groove, the bounce the synth and electric heavy sounds are wonderful, could you tell us about your Georgia beginnings. How was growing up in music?

Emmy: I was always singing growing up! My teachers at school would have to ask me to stop singing in class, haha. I started taking piano lessons at the age of 8 - I was classically trained, all the way through the end of college. I’m very thankful for my education, but also very glad I broke out of the classical mode eventually. I grew up singing in the chorus at school and had a very formal vocal education as well. I didn’t start writing songs until college, where I was a music education major.

4. You’ve recently released your EP Bitter Heart back in May, how has music life been since then and how do you feel about the results of your music so far?

Emmy: I’ve had a blast since the release of ‘Bitter Heart’! I moved to Nashville in February of 2021, so I’ve just been getting used to life here and meeting a lot of creative people. Releasing music is such a learning process! I’m doing my best to learn from each release. I’m very thankful that this year my music reached more listeners than any other year thus far!

5. You’ve had a fabulous run so far with live performances between Georgia to North Carolina, what goes down being on the road and if you could choose ‘Best show of the year’ which one was that for you?

Emmy: I love playing live! In the last year, I’ve streamed a lot of my shows online, and I love thinking back to these live shows. There’s such great energy in some of the rooms I’ve played, and I’m very grateful to have been a part of those nights. My favourite has probably been my show at The Evening Muse in Charlotte, North Carolina - I opened for The Arcadian Wild.

6. It’s a glorious privilege to hear your music, we really appreciate it. With the Christmas season alive and popping. What are you looking forward to and could the people get a last festive track soon or new music in 2022?

Emmy: Thank you so much for listening! I actually just released my first solo Christmas song - it’s called ‘Different This Year.’ It’s about believing that this year will be better than last year and enjoying it with someone you love. I also have a single coming out on January 7, 2022!

For more information on live shows, new music and to connect with Emmy Law follow her online.

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