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Eshani owns her own empowering ladies anthem Queen Shi_. She discusses the track and more.

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

India 's Eshani arrives in full throttle. This eloquent artist mixing the sweet sounds of R&B, Trap and with an addition of her South Asian roots channelling her influences like M.I.A, Shakira and Beyonce give her a specific and attractive style. Having her music played across top radio between LA and Dubai Eshani is an active artist with her voicing female empowerment, independence and women around the world supporting each other and being seen in the highest light there is. Speaking on her time between countries, her upbringing, views on being a misfit being in new surroundings and how it is a must be stand out. The zealous singer, songwriter and artist spoke with us further on her latest song Queen Shi_, working with producer Rayan Bailouni, being proud of her Indian roots, her favourite songs, her next joint Priceless out later this fall and more.

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1. Eshani, your new track is a booming new single for female empowerment and is huge of independence. Was this record fun to make and what was the first move towards forming it? Eshani: The record was definitely fun to make! It’s crazy because it took me three days to come up with the lyrics and I remember thinking that I really wanted to create an anthem for women. “Queen Shi_” is about how I believe each and every woman embraces queen energy by doing what they love, facing their fears, being bold, vulnerable, creating, growing and being a divine feminine as a whole.

Women coming together and working together is so powerful and I really wanted to highlight that together and alone we have each other’s backs no matter what and we can get what we want, do what we want, embrace our Goddess energies by being our authentic selves, buying our own Lou-Boutin’s and Yeezy’s, being ambitious and get the best things in life and not apologize for being who we want to be and I believe there is strength in coming together and embracing who you are. The visuals/artwork was an all-women creative concept, and Young Habibti aka Dina did the photoshoot with me, and my makeup was done by Muabydeepa, artwork by Spinworx.

2. You worked with producer Rayan Bailouni on this song, what was the chemistry like working together on this tune?

Eshani: After writing the lyrics and the melody I went to the studio and my producer Rayan Bailouni and I decided to use a couple of Indian/ Middle eastern instruments to give it a unique, cultural, and rebellious feel. I have worked with Rayan for 6 years now and with this single “Queen Shi_” we found it really easy to create the vibe we were going for. He knew and knows exactly what I stand for as an Artist and while he was working on the beat we would keep going back and forth with ideas on how to make this song sound bigger by infusing RnB/Trap with Indian/Middle-eastern influences by using the sitar at the beginning for example which really honed in on what I stand for which is “I don't fit a culture I am the culture”. Together we created this anthem “Queen Shi_” for women empowerment.

3. We respect your journey on how you’ve gone on such an inspiring journey from your residence now in LA to life in Dubai and being born in India. What’s been one of the most important moments that has shaped your sound and being an artist? Eshani: To be totally honest the most important moment that helped shape my sound and help me understand and be more confident in being the artist that I am now was my move to Los Angeles, California. I went to LA to study music and I learnt so much about myself, embracing my indifferences, my culture, knowing even more what I stand for, I didn't want to fit in because standing out and being who I am was perfectly fine, I performed live, wrote so many songs, collaborated, did a music video and once I got back to Dubai due to the pandemic I knew exactly what I wanted to create.

4. Your rise to your current stage is amazing. You’ve achieved some impressive wins so far. We like how bold, big, and loud your music is. The confidence and power radiating are awesome. For artists like yourself from a South Asian background. What are you most proud of? Eshani: Thank you. I am most proud of being able to put music out that creates a movement and a difference. From being interviewed on Virgin Radio DXB and two of my singles being aired live to performing in LA. I would have to say one of my proudest moments as a South Asian Artist was opening for Duran Duran at the Dubai Jazz Fest in 2017 and I remember a little girl coming up to me after and telling me how she loved my voice and the song. It was the best feeling to know that I made a difference in some way. For the first time ever, I felt like I knew what I wanted to do and be for the rest of my life.

5. We see your influence line up from Shakira, Rihanna to Beyonce and M.I.A. What is your favourite song from each of those artists that contributed to how you’ve created your own lane? Eshani: This is a tough one because I love so many of their songs but if I were to pick it would be: \

a) Shakira - Objection/Tango

b) Rihanna: Needed me

c) Beyonce: Run the World

d) M.I.A.: Bad Girls

6. We want to thank you for joining us and sharing your music and story. After the release of Queen Shi_ what news could you give the people about 2022? Eshani: Thank you for having me! Well, I aim to release an album of 12-15 songs in 2022 and the name of the album is called “Not Your Typical Brown Girl”. Here is a hint to the next single I will be releasing after “Queen Shi_” and it’s called “Priceless”. I am excited for it. With the support of PREACH management from Los Angeles, California, I can’t wait to release more music. I will be performing live in Los Angeles and Dubai as well. Stay Tuned for more.

Follow Eshani online via Twitter, Instagram and find out more on her website.

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