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Geoxpress unloads his two track project APOLLO. The Afro-Pop star shares the making of and more

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

No More needs to be said when comes to one Nigeria's loudest acts booming from Port Harcourts soil. The side is strikingly greener on his side .

Geoxpress, the Bad Kompany label signee and Afro Fusion singer and stage shutter wows again with his two single project Apollo.

After his appearances on stage at Bolé in the country and the recent release of his last Xpress Riddim Album.

The stylish and stay fly til we die star gaves us a little chat about the ins and outs of the both singles : Apollo and Booty Bounce. Teaming up once again with record producer TNT Baby. Geoxpress gave fans the low down. ENJOY.

Stream Apollo . Now available on various streaming platforms

1. Geoxpress welcome back . It’s electric to have you return to share more bangers and top vibes with your fanbase. How have the times been since your Xpress Riddim album?

Geoxpress: A lot of love, daily messages, notifications going up. It’s been lovely, also I’ve been learning a couple things from the spotlight so far, an electric feeling that’s put me in the mindset to keep going.

2. Xpress Riddim really let people know what you’re all about. Humble tales with songs on grinding, relationships, love and more. Now you offer your fans a new project, Apollo. What can you tell them about this project in comparison to the mixtape?

Geoxpress: This project is more “commercial” that’s what I’d say. I mean, it still is inspired by my experiences but served in a manner that appeals to a wider range of audience, groovy and progressive. Unlike Xpress Riddim where I introspected more with a soft melodious delivery, APOLLO is a vibe, made for you to move your body.

3. That’s astonishing, we see you teamed up again with producer TNT Baby on Apollo, Prophesy and other single Booty Bounce. What was this re-collaboration like working together ? Could your fans expect any remixes soon?

Geoxpress: My link up with Tonee has always been one I look forward to and enjoy, this re-collaboration is a tip of the awesomeness our synergy creates. There’s a remix coming. What track? Stay close and find out, I assure you it's a madness .

4. It’s no doubt you brought sky-high velocity with this project. With the other treat for fans as you premiered the official visualizer for Prophesy. The video features some very smiles bringing visuals, editing fun and more. Could you explain more behind your creative direction for the video?

Geoxpress:  Oh, thanks lol! I really don’t have much to say on that. On the day it was shot, I had only planned to shoot for Booty Bounce then Prophesy came along, shout out to the team and my creative director AFROTHEENIGMA .

5. Like millions of listeners and spectators out there. We love the popular sounds coming from the African continent. What are some of the favorite things that you appreciate about the voice of Africa in music / show business?

Geoxpress:  Afrobeats has given our people a chance to actually speak and be heard/listened to. It’s lovely to see, and I’m another voice on this flowing stream of musical talents flying this great sound. 

GEOXPRESS on the main stage at Bolé Festival 2022, Port Harcourt

6. Lastly, What’s next for you within the last 2 months of 2022.Could we possibly get a christmas single or a few more music videos or even a final live show ?

Geoxpress : I’ll love my fans to unfold with me. I'll be premiering a music video for Booty Bounce, rather not spill the beans on everything coming before the end of this year. 

I’m ready. Question is, are you?

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