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Geoxpress wows fans with his debut Afro-Pop Album Xpress Riddim The calm artist unlocks it all

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

It was all worthwhile with the fresh debut album from Nigerian Afro-Pop artist Geoxpress. The Port Harcourt singer and songwriter always aims to comfort, excite and make his mark through his music channelling the force behind his grind, struggles, relationships and intentions. The Bad Kompany signee does it once again on the Xpress Riddim. Previously dropping his late February jam with the smile bringing, head-nodding upbeat banger 365 (Grime Riddim) produced by Tonee C. With inspiration from powerhouse names like Wizkid and Drake, Geoxpress continues to wow new listeners and audiences with his 7-track album. The upcoming artist had time to share more about the album, and what it took to make it. He also provides more about how it was to work with main producer Tonee C and what his favourite song from the album is and more.

Xpress Riddim. Stream the full album out now

1. Geoxpress, what a build-up to this project it has been, last time you dropped R&B-Afrobeat hype track 365. How has the move been from that to your debut album? Could you share more? Geoxpress: These tracks were recorded over a period of time. I was going through different phases of life at the time and truthfully, I don’t think I was ready to put out a tape but my friend mixed and mastering engineer Tonne C convinced me to drop and helped with the duration of the tape.

2. That’s flames. You’ve presented a 7-track project with songs touching on themes that radiate you. How would you describe this project to new ears out there? Geoxpress: Well, I don’t know what the world expects from me, but I’m putting myself out there and I expect the world to catch up. It’s definitely a vibe though.

3. You teamed up with Producer Tonee C who also produced 365. How was the production relationship while working on the album together? It must have been crazy studio vibes, right? Geoxpress: Always crazy crazy with TNT Baby. That’s all!

4. Now this project fuses the musical magic of the R&B, Afro-pop and Afro-beat genres. What type of energy and reception did you intend for the album, and also how do you hope that listeners will feel after they stream it? Geoxpress: Like I said earlier, this project PROJECTS different pieces of me. Well, it’s left for the listeners to decide how they feel after they listen right? Lol

5. What are your favourite songs off the album and why? Geoxpress: They are all special. I really can’t choose. I’m sure you can’t too, lol

6. There is so much that’s going to come from this album we can tell haha. Could we expect any visuals from the album and maybe a headline show soon this year? Geoxpress: You could expect something! Best to keep it that way, don’t you think? Haha For more music and updates from some of the fresh voices from West Africa follow Geoxpress online via Twitter and Instagram and follow Record producer Tonee C online on Twitter and Instagram.

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