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Gloryuss shines through with new album Essence Reloaded. The prime act shares more behind the scenes

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Gloryuss is his name and making endless hits is his game. The blazing UK MC and songwriter debuted his latest collection of riddims all through the 8-track EP Essence Reloaded. The London-based wordsmith whose remembered for tracks such as Pink Lemonade, Would You, The woman must shine, Glory Freestyle, Blinded and so many other HOT tracks on his previous albums. Whether it's UKG, Pop, Rap or slow jams the top barer artist can do it all. Spinning MCs and delivering those top calibre verses on featured. As a sequel to his last project The Essence. Gloryuss shines thoroughly on the tape giving the listeners and fans a wonder of a project and just in time for summer. Gaining support from the likes of BBC Introducing , BBC Asian Network , Reprezent Radio , This is westside plus more . Gloryuss shares more behind the creation of his EP.

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1) Gloryuss congratulations on the release of your EP Essence Reloaded.

How does it feel to release this project?

Gloryuss: It’s a great relief. I’ve been working on this album for over a year now and it feels amazing to not only to finally realise it, but seeing the great reception so far.

2) As a rapper and songwriter what are some of the themes within the EP.

Was there a specific direction you wanted to go?

Gloryuss: In regards to the themes, firstly, of course it was an all Garage album. But ultimately, I wanted to paint a picture of my story within music and how I first fell in love with it. There was a lot of storytelling on this album, documenting my journey. I wanted people to listen to this project and want to dance & move, but at the same time take in the story/journey of Gloryuss. There was also a lot of iconography used in terms of the London setting/upbringing and things with nostalgic value. This is a proper UK project. I would say, in a nut shell, the main themes of The Essence: Reloaded would be “growth” & “gratitude”.

3) Moving up in your music , you’ve made a perfect collection of music ready

for the summer, what do you hope fans gain from the album?

Gloryuss: I appreciate your kind words. I really want listeners to be able to live with this album and see to it as a soundtrack for the summer. Real dance vibes. I want this to be enjoyed in the car on a sunny day, at the bbqs, when travelling, I want it to be appreciated in all settings. Of course, I also want everyone to gain a better understanding of my story so far.

4) You released so many wonderful tracks on the EP .What are your Top 3

favourite songs and why?

Gloryuss: This is a tough one. It’s always changing. I think my personal top 3, in no particular order, would be Causeyware, Rock With U & Take This Dance. All for different reasons, but these are sticking with me the most at the moment. Especially Causeyware, as the intro was an old recording tape of my Mum speaking to me when I was a baby asking what road I live on, to which I answer, Causeyware Road. I also had my old song “Miss Me” featuring Prinssella sampled on this. But yes, these are my 3 now, but tomorrow, that will change to another top 3!

5) If you could collaborate with any artist and producer on a near future project

who would they be and why?

Gloryuss: Honestly, there would be a host of people I would love to work with and collab with. Piri & Tommy, Yaz, Nia Archives. A dream collab would be with Katy B! I reckon we would sound incredible on a UK Garage track or a Drum & Bass record, even.

6) Finally, What’s coming up next from you. Any live shows or maybe you’ve

got another single loading or more music videos ?

Gloryuss: Right now, I’m focused on pushing this album. I’m trying to get a music video out for one of the tracks on the project this summer. I’ve got a show on the Saturday 22nd July at Amersham Arms which I’m bringing all my friends that were on the album to perform the whole project live with me, which should be a magical moment. Bringing the album to life in a different way. Overall, I’m going to really just be pushing the album, rocking some shows, potentially a music video… oh and maybe a cheeky new single before the summer is out! To find out more from Gloryuss , follow him online on Twitter, and Instagram

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