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Hayden J Barlow serenades the scenes with his R&B sound. He chats on track LCD, live gigs & more

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Manchester's Hayden J Barlow shows what he's all about with his very fruitful year. Appearing on a bunch of ear-pleasing and unique style of tracks, The UK based singer, songwriter and musician who has taken centre with the Lo Tide collective at venues around the city such as Hanley's Captain Hotel, supporting Max White at The Castle Hotel and also appearing on radio and BBC Introducing Cumbria. The triple-threat creative first caught our view with the stern work on his three-track summer project Eclipse featuring singles (Out of the Blue, Easier and Always on my mind ). The epic upcoming artist also returned with singles Flo, Loneliness, Love me before you go and Civil featuring fellow Brit artist Majay. Hayden gave us a chat about his latest synth-pop single LCD. Produced by Barlow himself the heavily bass-driven, vocal harmonic record is a totally different jam from his usual deep R&B / Neo-Soul records. The new lively jams have been flooding in with his live guitar jam freestyles and popular covers as seen on his Facebook and Instagram reels. Without further ado the Brit- music talent let us know what's popping.

Click here to stream LCD

1. Welcome Hayden, it's nice to have to join us. You've had a massive year so far with your music drops. You just the synth-pop track LCD, what led to this coming about?

Hayden: Hi guys! I’m always looking for ways to write and record out of my comfort zone and this is the first of a bunch of tracks that are demonstrative of that.

2. This sure is slightly a new sound from you have you always liked the synth-pop genre and which artist or productions inspired the song? Hayden: I vibe with a lot of synth-based music such as James Blake and SOHN but I never really had the efficiency/proficiency as a producer to incorporate that into my own music. More recently I’ve really thrown myself into that world and written an eclectic mix of music that incorporates those influences.

3. We've had our ears on your sound for a hot minute, from your EP Eclipse to recent singles how would describe your growth as an artist within the year?

Hayden: I think more than anything this year I’ve really grown as a producer and really started to come into my own in that aspect. I’ve written as much music as I conceivably can and really gotten to experiment with things such as found sounds/foley… making drum beats out of household objects… it’s been a fun year! Expect a plethora of new tunes in spring.

4. Now we ain't gonna breeze past your favourite artists growing up so could you tell us what's been some of the best gems of wisdom you've learnt to bring an artist and who are some of the artists you look up to?

Hayden: I adore R&B/Soul. There will always be elements of that in my music even as I start to lean more towards experimental pop timbres and writing styles. I will always stan D’Angelo. I learned so much about vocal layering and stacking my own harmonies from his music. Stevie Wonder too just for the fact he can write really harmonically complex songs and then somehow make them catchy.

5. Recently months you've been collecting spots at live performance venues, you must be over the moon to be back on stage what's been your favourite show this year and can we expect more in the new year?

Hayden: It’s amazing. I’ve played some lovely shows this year for the likes of Bushrod and Max White (off the back of his Rag and Bone Man support slot!). Honestly, it’s been properly fun to take the tunes I’ve been making in my room and play them in a one-man, guitar-based setting. I’ve played to such attentive, respectful crowds all year and it’s impossible to pick a stand-out.

6. Last but never least, when can the people expect new music, videos, are there any special 2022 projects in the works?

Hayden: Sooner than you’d think. Watch this space. No spoilers.

To follow Hayden and find out more, connect via Instagram and Facebook



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