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Hilåry, The new voice in UK R&B debuts her EP Yours Truly. She shares how all behind it's making

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Here she is! HILÅRY is one of the newest voices in the overload of fresh faces and talents in the thriving Afro-R&B lane in the music industry in the UK and beyond. The London artist and songwriter outdid expectations from many with her glowing EP Yours Truly with over 20k streams on Spotify already and more. This is an instant MUST listen for all music lovers out there. Coming from years of training as alumni of Sian Anderson's Floor Sixx Academy, studying and upgrading her skills and levels within the art form by Commercial Performance and the Kente Club member and Room 4 Label signee has gone from victory to victory with her nursing stages performing live at various venues such as The Round House, Levels Lounge, Boxpark Shoreditch and more.

The euphoric, romantic and cinematic experience heard on the EP features songs: Selfish, Wanna Luv U, Trust and 20 Somethings all produced by Britain's JSTRNGS. Hilary sure knows how to get the icy chills over your shoulders felt on this 4-track project as she draws energy from her inspirations Ciara and Mariah Carey and even gave a little sprinkle of Tink's vocal-melodic spice as heard on Track 4, Trust. Filling you in with more about her road to her debut collection. She also gives her views on being a songwriter and how it was penning each song and of course the strong partnership working with JSTRNGS. Get ready to hear soaring vocals, harmonies, zingy guitar leads galloping floating across open space, and warm piano chords to catch the two-step vibes like as heard on loved-up Afro-R&B joint Wanna Luv U to the thought-reaching ambient ballad such as Trust.

Stream it on various platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and more 1. Hilåry, It is amazing to have you debut your EP Yours Truly. It’s a thoroughly impressive listen. What’s your reaction to your project finally being released? it must be one of complete joy after the growth from the early days right?

HILÅRY: I felt so many different emotions honestly. It was Joy, excitement and relief all at once because this is a big moment for me! I am also very proud of myself for getting to this

point, it hasn’t been easy but I’m excited for what’s next.

2. On this extended play you feature five solid tracks starting with Selfish, then Wanna Luv U followed by Trust and to close 20 Somethings. How was the journey in making this collection of songs happen? HILÅRY: Actually, there was another EP that was supposed to be released instead of ‘Yours Truly’, but it didn’t seem right to me. Once we refined and figured out what the EP was really going to be about, it came together quickly. ‘Trust’ was a late addition in truth but I think it tied the project together in the end.

3. You worked on this series of songs with record producer JSTRNGS who has a stream of notable jams with various artists. How was that teamwork journey working on this EP ? Could you share more on the artist and producer collaboration?

HILÅRY: Yes working with JSTRNGS is honestly so easy and productive. He is laid back most of the time, which is something that would usually annoy me but now I like it. He doesn’t add to the stress which is important because releasing music can be so crazy at times and on top of that we have a great friendship. It just means we can always have an open and an honest conversation about anything, music related or not.

4. You also did so well with the writing, melodic referencing and vocal delivery which were all brilliant on all five records. As a songwriter how did you approach writing your material for the EP? Did you study any songwriters?

HILÅRY: Thank you so much! I am definitely still trying to improve my songwriting skills as I guess all artists are so I really appreciate that! I would usually just vibe to a beat JSTRNGS

comes up with and then make a melody and lyrics that I feel suit it. I’ve never studied

songwriting formally but I have studied and listened to different artists and how their

verses are formed around a particular beat. I think my best personal example of this

would be Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Tragic’ – the way she flows on this track is dope.

5. Also, do you have a favourite song featured on the EP and why?

HILÅRY: I would have to say ‘Selfish’ because I was going through a lot around the time I wrote the song - I was close to giving up on music altogether. I don’t think I believed in myself but that song really gave me the confidence I needed.

6. Before you go, thank you for sharing more about your music and putting so much effort into such a polished project. You have another EP out soon could you tell people more behind that and what else is ready to go? Are there any LIVE performances coming up ?

HILÅRY: Thank you so much for having me and for all your kind words! Yes! For the next project, I’m definitely going to push myself further sonically/lyrically. This next project is more personal too because it’s a birthday present to myself. In terms of shows my team are

working on some things behind the scenes so definitely watch the space!

If you want to find more follow Hilary up on updates via Twitter and Instagram

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