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Introducing Cassie Amelier. The fresh music sensation talks her debut single Leave It Here and more

Making her music debut is the wonderful Cassie Amelier . The bright UK creative content creator known by her popular YouTube channel takes centre in the music scene with her post breakup single 'Leave It Here'. The soaring first track from the exciting new talent will blow you away. From the feel good , upbeat and intriguing energy from her online creative, well being and fun vlogs Cassie brings a whole new perspective from her rise in music. She joined to share more behind the scenes of the making of her single, talking about it's themes, her dream collaborations and what's to come up next from her.

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1. Heyyyy Cassie. Thank you for joining us. The single Leave it here is phenomenal ,

could you tell us more about the track, where did it all start?

CASSIE: Hey, so I had a very public breakup, and I was tired of trying to explain myself. After speaking with a friend, they asked why don’t you do what you do best and write it in a song? So in twenty minutes, the song was written and over the next month, I thought about other relationships I had been in, things I had heard friends say about their relationships, and I wanted to embody that in a song. 

2) You did an amazing job on the record. You mentioned you wrote after a breakup, could you share as a songwriter what themes are within the song?

CASSIE: within the song, I would say heartbreak, starting again,

leaving the old behind as much as you love the person having to choose


3) Now this is such a great song. Moving up in your music career, who are some

of your inspirations and what type of music did you grow up with?

CASSIE: My dad is a musician, and he was born in Jamaica, so reggae was a

massive influence in my household and dancehall. My mum also listened to a lot of

R&B, like Jill Scott, Jahiem, 112, and Aaliyah, so I had a lot of different music

playing, and then I fell in love with R&B and dancehall.

4) You released many wonderful vlogs with such a lovable personality and style.

What do you hope listeners take from your music?

CASSIE: I’m a storyteller, sharing my life and things I’ve experienced. Being able

to meet different people from different walks of life has shaped the way I view the

world. I hope I can tell stories that people can relate to and also feels seen in my

music to feel like someone else understands the things they may be going through

or have gone through.

5) If you could collaborate with any artist and producer on a near future project

who would they be and why?

CASSIE: I would love to work with Juls as a producer his music, I don’t just hear I

feel and anyone that can make you feel there music is special! I’d love to work

with so many different artists I do like Jaz Karis come outside is a song I wish I

wrote lol. I love Stormzy and I love how forward thinking he is as an artist. I think

his music evokes emotions and paints pictures. A collab would be a dream.

6) Finally, What’s coming up next from you. Any live shows or maybe you’ve got an EP loading or more music videos ?

CASSIE: I have a music video loading, I am working on an EP called who is Cassie Amelier

but I definitely have to work on just owning my sound and just understanding

myself as an artist (still feels so strange when I say that) If you enjoyed the single feel free to follow Cassie on Instagram, YouTube,

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