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Introducing Satchit. The artist debuts Lilac Screen & talks on conscious R&B, South Asia and more

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Grit, a spoken word and a loud message comes from this artist. Satchit makes his return with the thought provoking ,sound and coherent single Lilac green.

The South Asian R&B scholar who after taking notes from artists like James Blake and Frank Ocean and in the past year gift wrapped us all warm and wholesome tracks like Tulips, Rosy, Sunday and New Peace and also released his detailed and dominant EPs GLASS in 2018 and The Garden in 2021.

Talking on his latest soundtrack Lilac Screen which starts with an empowering speech from Amal Clooney on media freedom and society. It's a BOLD impressive into the heavy smooth track. We found out more about the UK act and also touch on his come-up story and the importance of South Asian representation in the media.

Satchit also spoke in full about how much his music role models James Blake, Frank Ocean and Daniel Caesar inspired his sound and style as well as what else is next for the British upcoming big name

Stream the track available on Spotify

1. Thanks for sharing your new track, Satchit. Lilac Screen pops off with a big intro from Amal Clooney speaking on media freedom. Could you break down the track for us? Satchit: It does yes, the track is essentially about the very topic of that quote: “the abuse of media freedom”. It’s about overcoming our obsession with media. Our addictions to social media and even news outlets have left us numb to the news we hear, as well as believing any false reality painted for us. “What do they want us to believe? What do they want our minds to receive?” As lyrics, this illustrates the mood of the track well, as we don’t stop to think about the narrative we are being fed, and it is important to do so.

2. This is new but vital for new voices and artists from other regions such as the South Asian diaspora coming through with alternative R&B fluxes and sounds. The song Lilac Screen has an interesting muse. What made you go ahead with the song style that it has? Satchit: This production style is borne of a lot of experimenting with synths, but I have specific inspirations in alternative R&B such as Frank Ocean and Blood Orange, who effortlessly blend delicate melodies with heavier synths. I love the way this works and it felt perfect for a track like this, which presents the dichotomy of media. Aside from that, I love melodic writing which is why the first verse is very stripped back for the first few lines to come through.

3. You’ve been getting head nods from some of the industry-leading figures on the airwave such as BBC Asia‘s Jeevan Ravindran and Introducing London’s Jess Iszatt. As a south Asian artist, how important is it to see more creatives artists like yourself getting more shine? Satchit: It is so important and a source of pride for me, seeing so many South Asian artists begin to gain prominence on the scene. I hope that I can add myself to the growing list too! Not only this, but we’re able to do it in whatever genre we like - which is something we haven’t always been able to do. This allows us to show off our individuality and influences, whether these be South Asian or not, and blend that with our sounds. The goal is not to be pigeon-holed immediately. I think the more of us who breakthrough, the more freedom future South Asian artists will have with their music and creative expressions, so it feels great to be taken note of!

4. We’re happy to be able to showcase your art too. What do you hope new listeners and supporters take in from your music? Satchit: Thank you for putting me on. I think it would be great for new listeners to just enjoy the melodies and soundscape that I create. Aside from the lyrics and message of this track especially, I personally love to just close my eyes and enjoy the sounds - so I’d hope that those who listen to my music could do the same.

5. Your music artistry is so lit. from James Blake to Frank Ocean and Daniel Caesar. What’s one thing you appreciate from each of those artists?

Satchit: This feels like the best kind of compliment honestly. There are certain things that I feel inspired by from each artist, but especially for James Blake and Frank Ocean, I get the feeling that they feel free to create. It allows them to push the boundaries on their production styles, song structures and melodies in general. Daniel Caesar’s melodies and lyricism are also incredible. They all also use the voice as an instrument in such imaginative ways, there’s honestly so much to draw inspiration from in their music.

6. To wrap it all up, What’s next for Satchit later on this year? Satchit: First of all, the video for Lilac Screen has just dropped - first source of excitement. Then, the plan for the year is to release a few more singles, which I am so excited for, followed by a bit of a darker project at the end of the year. This one I have been working on more during the pandemic, and I really think it’ll show off elements of musicality and sounds that I haven’t been able to display yet. There will absolutely be some incredible visuals coming with some of these songs too. It’s going to be an exciting year I think! For more music this year from Satchit follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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