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Joeymvne boosts his catalogue with the new sonics of Glass Ceilings. The London Rap-act updates you

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

It has been a long since we heard from East London Rhymer Joeymvne. The effortless flows, melodic songs, steel built beats and always having a strong and mental food for the soul. After giving us many credible singles such as Nine Thirty, Delilah, Good Times and C.O.D and not forgetting his wavey Black Box freestyle clip. From his last full project, 'Black is Beautiful the East London recording artist issues another

mystic, relatable and full stop soundtrack Glass Ceilings. The strongly lyrical poem tells the reflective thoughts of the everyday man sharing his determination and drive and no-stoppable faith for his higher hopes and dreams in the music game. It's short but strikingly does a belter of a job. We caught up with Joeymvne the Fearless Mastermind himself to hear more about the new track, what he's been up to lately and what he has coming up this year.

1. Joeymvne, it is terrific to have you back to share a little chat on your new single, Glass Ceilings. Could you talk us through the new sound? Joeymvne: Thank you for having me back after so long! Yeah, I’d be more than happy to talk about the new single. It’s a song that reveals why I wasn’t making music consistently; it was a conflict between the time available to produce music. I noticed a lack of growth & development in my natural gift. This led me to write my thoughts down.

2. It’s been a while since we heard new tunes, how would you describe this track to listeners both from before and new? Joeymvne: Glass Ceilings is a song that describes the invisible barrier, which may prohibit one from achieving their goals. In my case, I know that being established in the music industry is a definite goal. However, the role was not correlating with the plans I had for developing my craft. The role at the time was merely a single income stream, which became the ‘glass ceiling’.

3. You also tagged along a nice slick visual to compliment the track, it’s flashy, edgy, and stern. How were the vibes on the filming schedule and did you push any creative direction working with the director Honey D? Joeymvne: Oh absolutely. in terms of ideas, I had a vast selection, but with a song so short, I had to be realistic and understand that the video has to support the song, rather than the visuals taking away from the music. I explained this to the director and he made an absolute movie with the resources provided so a massive shout out to him!

Stream the EP available on YouTube Music and Deezer

4. Now the last time we had a load of your sounds was from your previous extended play ‘Black is Beautiful’. How would you speak of your artistic growth since then as a rapper and wordsmith? Joeymvne: I’d like to believe that I have grown in both areas, but there’s always room for improvement so I’m never just settling for what I’ve done previously. After writing and completing Glass Ceilings, I’m excited for what is to come because I wrote from a place of emotion; which is where the highest forms of artistry come from, in my opinion.

5. From your latest track and previous ones like your feature on Likkle Jay’s single Temptations and your Street Settings freestyle. What do you have coming up within the year? Joeymvne: I have a few more songs in the pipeline for sure. I want to go on a strong and consistent run of releases before choosing to release a project. However, projects are not out of the question. I guess I’m just getting warmed up. Let's see where my creativity directs me.

6. To finish, are there any words you would like to say to new listeners and supporters alike? Joeymvne: Yeah! I’d like to say a massive thank you for the support towards Glass Ceilings, it hasn’t gone unnoticed! To those that have supported me far and wide, for the messages and feedback; I appreciate it all. I’m looking forward to seeing what God’s will is for my next release! Stay tuned and stay blessed!

Find out more from the East London Rap star follow Joeymvne online via Twitter and Instagram

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