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June the Artist shares behind his latest video to Waste Your Time and debuts new slow jam single Iqra's Interlude

The star boy of Portugal returns to the scene with not one but two exclusive singles for your head tops. That's right June the Artist is back the melodies and the sounds you need to start your summer off the right way. The London-based singer and artist whose EP Libra became a big talk amongst his Portuguese fans and supporters is back with a radio ready bop. Waste Your Time, the up-tempo dance banger is a feel good summer jam for dance enthusiasts and party goers . Produced by American composer Vitals this song is a real sonic treat for R&B and dance fans everywhere. So whether you're in the club, on the dance floor with your friends or even at home alone you can turn up the music and let the groove take control.

June who also debuted a nostalgic , flashy and vibrant music video starring actress Nicole as they both stride through fun and arcade thrills and take romantic strolls through the city. Directed by Delio Delgado and featuring a money green backdrop and flashing lights from the fluorescent surroundings. We caught up with June to chat about the dance track and also about her newest song known as R&B slow jam Iqra's interlude.

1. Congratulations on her music video for your dance track waste your time, it looks like you went for a nostalgic retro feel. What was it like putting the video together ? JUNE: I’ve always really loved the retro feel - in fact I plan on bringing it back a lot more in my upcoming videos I think it’s the simplicity of it all while maintaining great quality that does it for me and I feel like that retro vibe is slowly coming back more and more - the whole video process was amazing it was shot by my youngest brother D2 - so working with him was already a big blessing for me he’s super creative and talented and he understood the vision and brought it to life - also the the Model Nicole she did an amazing job look out for more from her too

2. Waste Your time is a great dance track, could you share how the song came about, is it about a past lover , a memory  ?

JUNE : Waste your time was really just about having fun , It was also me always wanting to make a Jersey club track which is becoming very popular in the last year or so and that’s what jersey club does you hear it and you can’t help but to move to it - it’s timeless parties festivals etc once that comes on you will always vibe and I’m so proud of my self for managing to execute that in my first attempt of the genre . Yes it’s also a love song for whoever that can relate of course

3. You really went all out for the video, what did you want the video to reflect for the song and what did you hope listeners gain from the single ?

JUNE : The vision I had for the video was very simple I remember telling the model that there’s no script let’s just be ourselves and have fun and that’s what we showcased with the video .

4. Now you just released your newest single Iqra's Interlude, how did this song come about ?

JUNE: IQRAS INTERLUDE - was created just last week and it’s about a classy lady who may not know how beautiful she is, the type that’s always busy working Monday to Friday dressed in formal clothes running around trying to help everyone else and may need a little loving. So I made this as a reminder - it’s also a very sexy slow jam which is my favourite type of music to make.

5. You've mentioned that slow jams are your favourite songs to make, can you explain why and what's the process like when making them ?

JUNE : I’m a big rnb lover I say it all the time - and slow jams for me it just heals my soul like it connects with me, helps wind down after a long day etc it just does something to me - so for me to create it , I do it in hopes to make the listener feel how I feel when I listen to it - translating that same feel.

6. Lastly, what do you hope people take from your slow jam single? 

JUNE: Hope it resonates with people - I want women to feel sexy when they listen to it - personally I think it’s impossible for a woman to hear it and not crack a smile so just want the queens to feel themselves. 

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