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Kris Angelis rewinds back to childhood and talks on exceeding the dark on moving folk single RUN.

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Yesssss! She makes a triumphant return on your sound systems people. Los Angeles folk-pop sensation Kris Angelis drew our ears via her decorated and well-received EP Siren, Hope. touching the lives of thousands and gaining an impressive Number 1 debut in the iTunes singer-songwriter chart and reaching the Top 10 Billboard albums chart and also being praised in the Americana radio charts. The hit-making singing machine did it again with her follow up EP project, The Skies We Look To which is available to re-stream online. Back with her 2022 starter track the destined to win artist graced the scene with her BRAND NEW single Run which sheds ground on her upcoming and going through the dark and liberating views on life and reminiscing on her joyous childhood growing up on the family farm. In her own words, she takes us through the idea behind her latest tune, sharing wisdom and life lessons as well as a fundraiser project for Music Beats Cancer and iHeartRadio.

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1. Hey Kris, we like this song a lot. It’s been a minute since your last project Siren, Hope which dropped last year and was killing it in various charts. What led you to produce this new single?

Kris: I actually put out another record called “The Skies We Look To” in April of 2021 and I had the beginnings of this song in my mind since 2020. I didn’t finish it in time for the initial release but when I put out the album, the physical artwork had a poem which included all of the song titles in order. It had “Undress” in it as well which appeared on the extended version of the album and it also had “Run” which I am including on the Vinyl release. In this way “Run” is kind of a transition to the next album.

2. Now Run as described is a song that reflects your wholesome beginnings growing up on a farm and on memories as a child, what was that like for you?

Kris: I’m actually sitting on the porch swing at the farm right now as I type this watching the cows graze. I am so grateful for the beautiful experience of growing up around animals and being able to run around freely. My fun centred around physical things like riding, using the fences as balance beams, and exploring the forest.

3. That’s superb, you also highlighted the song as one that is about passing through ‘seeing something different in the darkness’ could you break that down for us, what darkness was this and were any lessons (for listeners) you learnt in what you saw differently?

Kris: I have struggled with anxiety about the unknown and always looking back and I wanted to write an inspirational song for myself (and if it speaks to others, so much the better) about embracing the unknown with excitement, curiosity, and hope. The darkness could be difficult times and feelings we all experience in our lives and they usually teach us a lot about ourselves and what really matters, and it also refers to what we don’t know yet. It’s not necessarily something bad, its just something with pure potential - like before the Big Bang!

4. We could hear how you came through them chords haha. Describing them yourself as flowing was ‘energy and peace’. As a singer and a musician would you say this song was easiest to structure and build having much more freedom to do so, what was the process like?

Kris: I had part of the melody for the chorus in my mind for many months. I liked the rising melody that made me feel empowered and adventurous. In my mind, I had visions of forests and mountains and big open fields just waiting to be explored and I wanted to write words that evoked the same feelings rather than the kind of heartbreak stuff I tend to write. I would sit down with a guitar every few weeks and sing that melody and started singing “Run” with it since that was the feeling it gave me. I would mess around with other chords that kept that uplifting feeling going and then one day I had a conversation with a friend who was going through a hard time and I had also been having a rough emotional time and we talked about the importance and freedom of looking forward and also not making the darker feelings a bad thing.

After that conversation was when I got most of the rest of the lyrics down using imagery from growing up on the farm since that’s what kept being in my head as I thought about it. Perhaps because that was a time I felt really free and wasn’t consumed with the past.

5. It’s flames to hear fresh new material to start off the new year. What would you say is something you’re creatively looking forward to most?

Kris: I’m looking forward to writing and recording more songs in the vein of “Run”. I like the bigger, more exciting production and content. I’m also hoping and looking forward to getting to tour again and work with other wonderful artists.

6. Finally, what have got loaded for the people, you got hot new EPs ready to dominate multiple charts again or any special shows?

Kris: I don’t have the new album ready to go just YET, but it’s in the works. The exciting thing I have going on right now is the Music Beats Cancer Valentine’s Day Challenge which goes until March 14th and is raising money to fight cancer and help those affected by it. The top 4 fundraisers will get their music featured on iHeartRadio so I’m hoping I can raise a lot for this important cause and be one of those artists!

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