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Meet Ashton Angle. The Dallas Texas film photographer and creative director debuts with her story

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

The photogenic catalogue that this visionary has is out of this world. Introducing many eyes to a deep range of cinematic and historic nostalgia. Ashton Angle always wants to take the viewer on a euphoric and heart filling walk through her art gallery. The Texas-born and raised photographer, creative director and film novelty have such an astonishing collection of projects and captures. whether it's taking once in a lifetime shots of pop culture musicians like Summer Walker, Tyler the Creator and Rubi Rose on stage to fresh face fashion models like Adam Jabari, Percille, Pheonix Valentine and Alexis King. Ashton Angle is without hesitation a name to recognise and is breaking through in the entertainment world.

You'll also love her pop culture throwback references with her love for the 70's era and some of her paying homage to music icons and their songs like Michael Jackson's Thriller with photography reels like It's close to Midnight and James Brown's This is a mans world) as well as so many breathe taking projects and films.

Ashton kindly spoke more about her start in the arts, what it was like growing up in Texas and the inspiration behind her work and favourite photography project to date. . 1. Ashton, it’s a grand privilege to have this chance to talk about you, Your visual work is mesmerizing. There’s so much to cover but first could you share how you started out? Ashton: I started into the photography world from the other side – as a model. I modelled within the Dallas community for about 3 years, but it wasn’t fulfilling my creative needs. I soon realized that my ideas and concepts were not being portrayed how I had originally seen them in my head and this was very unsatisfying. I started using a self-timer on my phone and just taking my own pictures so I could have full creative control. This was so fun for me and I did this for a long time. Eventually, I got a polaroid camera. I took this camera EVERYWHERE. I have many, many albums full of polaroids that I would take of my friends, my now fiancé, and of myself. When covid happened, I started realizing that I was actually pretty good at taking photos. I was encouraged by my fiancé and friends to dive deeper into this side of the photography world. I began playing with the idea of starting my own photography business. At first, I thought I’d just do it on my polaroid to be different. I soon realized that wasn’t going to work. In May of 2021, I finally invested in my first official film camera. I gravitated towards film naturally since all I had ever used was my polaroid. I’ve always had a strong connection with the tangible side of photography. Once I had my new camera, I started shooting right away. Many of my wonderful friends volunteered to let me test my camera on them, and it was incredible. I immediately knew that this was what I was meant to be doing. I finally felt like I had found my true passion. From then on, I continued shooting almost every week, and the feedback I received was amazing. I started to get my first clients and have been growing from there. My first full year of being a photographer will be this May of 2022. It’s been so, so beautiful to find this medium that I enjoy tremendously. It’s brought me so many new things to my life and has made me full. I am truly grateful to all the people who have made this possible and believed in me from the beginning.

2. That’s brilliant, How was the experience growing up in Texas as a creative. Was there inspiration everywhere and who were some of your role models as you got into the arts? Ashton: I actually don’t find Texas to be that inspiring. I try to travel as often as possible to see other parts of the world. Currently, I get most of my inspiration from movies, music videos, and photo books. I look up to many cinematographers and creative directions in the film space.

3. You cover a strong hand full of skills with being within photography, set design and creative director. Is there one out of the three that you enjoy most and if so which one and why so? Ashton: I enjoy them all! It’s amazing to be able to contribute every part of myself to a project - that way it turns out exactly as I pictured it in my head. I love creating new worlds for people to dive into.

The Fountain of Youth • Models: Alexis King & Adam Jabari

4. The amount of photo collection you have is unbelievable from stand out mentions like American Dreams, NYE 72, Wherever you need me and a lot more. What would be your top five favourite shoots that you’ve done? Ashton: Oh man. That’s a hard question. The one that comes to mind first - is one of my very first shoots based in the 70s in a hotel room. I called it “Fountain of Youth”. I love any shoot I do that’s based in the 70s, I think it’s my favorite era. Any shoot I’ve done where I build an entire set has to be my favorite.

5. If you could work with any 4 professionals in the entertainment industry whether artists or models on a fashion campaign who would they be and why? Ashton: Tyler, the Creator. Kali Uchis. Miley Cyrus. Kim Kardashian. Many, many more. I love creative people. Some of Tyler’s music videos are my favorite visuals ever.

6. Finally, we are honoured to have you stop by and chat about your art. You’ve mentioned before you want to “capture single moments in time to tell exceptional stories and create any world that you imagine” and we adore that. Are there special specific projects we can look out for later this year? Ashton: Yes!! I have a lot of things planned. I have a short film that I’m trying to write out for this year. I am also planning on releasing a photo book soon! Many things to come.

To view more photography and visual works you can follow Ashton Angle online at her site Jazzandtheblues and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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