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Meet Benny Bizzie. it’s about time you knew the name. The UK R&B singer-songwriter shares his story

The voice, classic touch and timelessness of R&B are forever unforgotten. North London born R&B artist Benny Bizzie keeps the heart of the genre booming. Inspired by the sounds of American groups and singers like Boyz 2 Men, Donnell Jones and Brandy and also keying into homegrown British R&B artists like Craig David and Jamelia and from the region of East London birthing the energetic sound of Grime. The music mix of the singer and writer is truly pleasing. High Falsettos, pausable lyrics and also the quality circles that have shaped him coming through in the UK music industry and the world. Benny gives you more words of his style, song archive memories and also more behind him and his specific sonics. As one of the new faces to some but remembered by many he stopped by to talk about his new song Forever. The song has 'a hard-hitting drum pattern and melodic nuances produced by heavyweight Cee Figz ' and its themes of romance, escapism and wonder. Benny continues to channel sterling sounds, enthusiasm, and hidden gems from back in the day and his suitable collaborative hopes. The British-Nigerian also talks of his loading 7-track EP coming very soon. Enjoy and turn up the speakers' music lovers!

Stream the new single available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms 1. Welcome Benny Bizzie, it’s a strong job that you did on your latest single Forever. How was the process of making this record? It sounds so fresh. Benny: Strong & Fresh are a great way to describe the track, Thank you. It’s exactly what I said to my producer Cee Figz when we got together to work on the track. I asked for a heavy and intense epic adventure in terms of the production and I went for a different concept than usual. I mean It’s a great place to be where I can still tap into creativity and imagination. I remember walking, humming melodies, and writing the lyrics, then seeing angels in the sky and a gate leading to this other world. I started meditating recently and I must say it is having a positive effect on my songwriting. 2. You have a deep R&B presence in your musical history and it’s a great sight. Did you have a certain method for writing songs, how much fun is it? Benny: I grew up on Grime music actually and I did some amazing things in the scene but I was always an R&B lover and I guess it’s caught up with me. I grew up listening to a lot of R&B and Soul music, I mean Brandy, Boys 2 Men, Joe, Donnel Jones, 112, and Usher wrote some amazing songs and I am definitely inspired by them. I also listened to a lot of Craig David, Jamelia, and other R&B and melodic artists. I do wonder what I will do having had the best of both worlds in terms of Grime and R&B. Writing is me trying to use what the legends have left behind, the elements, the melodies, phrasing, musicality, artists' expression, and the soul. Use it to create something new that references the past but represents this new era we are in. Watch this space!

3. The number of records you’ve released has been really varied and memorable. From earlier tracks like London Town with rapper Double S and Rebler on your 2014 project Burn Out Vol 2, Emotions, Angel of the night all the way up to your recent track Forever. As a fairly new artist to many new listeners could you share more about what music you listened to growing up? Benny: I mentioned many R&B artists but I grew up with a vast palette, with artists like So Solid Crew, Oxide and Neutrino, Damage, Dizzee Rascal, Boy Better Know, Pay as You Go, and Wiley. I mean Grime is in my DNA as much as R&B, Initially, I tried to choose between the two, then I started dabbling and blending R&B melodies with Grime, then I left Grime to do just R&B, but now I am definitely missing those flows, lyric and edge. Let’s see what my artistry brings in the next chapter.

4. What is your favourite song that you have released and why? Benny: I think it has to be a track called ‘Kushbu’ I did growing up in Tottenham and featured Skepta, JME, and Gemini who was in a music collective with me, called L.O.H. I mean the track is nowhere to be found online now, back then it was on a physical CD. I think we named the track after a shopkeeper, but I just loved the collaboration and everyone’s authentic energy on the song.

5. With the tunes you’ve had out if any artist whether singer, rapper or producer came across your music and wanted to collaborate with you. Who would they be and why? Benny: They would be expressive, colourful, and conscious to an extent to compliment my artistic style. If it’s a rapper then … Benny Banks is on the radar, and If a singer, I quite like what Shakka or Bellah are doing at the moment.

6. Finally, What is the summer season saying for you, will your supporters be hearing any summer hits soon or are some live performances coming up? Benny: I have one more single dropping on June the 3rd, and then a 7-track EP soon to follow. There are definitely some summery vibes on there!

If you enjoyed the interview like we did. Head on down to Benny Bizzie's socials on Twitter, , Instagram and Facebook. You can also find out more from him via his official website.

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