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Meet Best Vicky Ever . The UK YouTuber talks starting out, her comedy dilemmas , her creative journey and more

She's amazing, she's hilarious and you'll love her. Victoria Adet is just one of the British Youtube sensations breaking through. Her content is stunning. From her comedy skits and like something new vlogs to her life updates and more. We caught with the UK creative content creator to find out more behind her journey so far and how she started out. We also get to find out what her favourite vlogs are and also who she would like to collaborate with and Vicky also shares wisdom and advice to upcoming creatives who want to pursue a career in the arts and start a YouTube channel.


1)    Greetings Vicky, welcome to our platform, you’ve had an impressive creative come up on YouTube.. Could you tell us where it all started?

VickyI started my channel in February 2020. My first video was about skincare tips. I previously uploaded videos on my Snapchat/Instagram stories and got a great reception. I posted my first video about my skincare routine and then began trying out different content ideas that interested me.

2)    What was the inspiration behind starting your YouTube channel ?

Vicky: I initially wanted to share advice on the internet about self-care (mainly skincare). In the past, I never really watched YouTube like that. However, during university, I started watching YouTube more and more. That inspired me to start making videos. I consumed a lot of YouTube videos so I thought I might as well start creating them. I also knew I wanted my content to have comedy at its core. I watched a lot of comedic/light-hearted content that I enjoyed. My hopes were to create content in the same way for others to enjoy too.

3) Your content is very versatile and has great range from your mukbangs, reaction videos and much more. What are your favourite vlogs to do and why ?


Vicky: I enjoy making comedy skits, I mainly upload them on YouTube shorts at the moment. I always enjoyed writing so creating skits allows me to bring my writing to life. It’s also my favourite style of video as I never set out to create comedy skits. I made a comedy sketch during the pandemic as I was inspired by another creator. I gave it a go and really enjoyed the process of making skits and continued to make random yet relatable comedy skits, that I find funny.

3)    If you could collaborate with any YouTubers or popular figures who would they be and why?

Vicky: I would like to collaborate with content creators that currently make me laugh.

This includes Madame Joyce (Cocktails & Takeaways). I’d also like to collaborate with Nella Rose, Adeola Patronne and Mariam Musa (they create entertaining content on channel 4.0). I would collaborate with these YouTubers as they are funny, and it’s been great watching entertaining content by black women as we are hilarious.


4)    What advice do you have for any young creatives coming up who want to start a YouTube channel or want to get into the creative industry?

Vicky: My advice for starting a YouTube channel would be to start. As cliché as it sounds, that is really the first step. You have to try and get out of your head. Try not to think your first video has to be the perfect video. It probably won’t be, if you’re a beginner. The good news is you have the chance to make other videos, and you’ll improve along the way. I also made four different videos before I started. This gave me a batch of videos I could upload weekly (for a month) to keep up consistency. I know it’s scary putting yourself out there but by not, you could miss out on the possibility of doing something you love. Also, most importantly, have fun with it! It won’t feel like a huge and scary thing if you try and have this mindset when starting. My advice for getting into the creative industry is to go to networking/creative events. You’ll meet other creatives are cool, supportive and do really interesting things.


5)    Finally, What’s coming up next from you this year, more vlog videos in the works or maybe a meet and greet in the future ?

Vicky: I want to get back to creating content and making content fun again. I want to create more content around the things my audience and I like. I want to do more videos for my latest series ‘Trying New Things’. A meet and greet would be a cool idea to do in the future, I would love to connect with my community! I also want to get back to some old content ideas on advice and personal development. Whatever I end up doing I just want to have fun along the way.

Make sure to follow Vicky on Twitter , Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube Channel.

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