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Meet Chante Adjei. The UK filmmaker shares her debut movie How We Live and talks about its creation

A Big shout out to Purpose Productions we delivered their exclusive short movie, HOW WE LIVE. The story shares the tale of three friends who experience the ups and downs of university life. From throwing a freshers party to the worst situation. Directed by Chante Adjei the fresh and vibrant film starring Adjei, Lauryn Alexander and Theresa Odebiyi and features other stars including Afolarin Opedare, Peter Davidson, Jola Adrike and many more. Their perfomances were fantastic with such as vast range of laugh out loud moments and suprising twists at the end. We got a chance to chat with Chante Adjei one of the stars of the film and also it's producer and director on creating such an amazing film piece, what it was like on set, her inspiration and much more.

1. Hey Chante, Welcome to the platform. Your movie How We Live is amazing . What could you tell us about it?

Chante: How We Live was made for us and by us. It’s literally in the name ‘How We Live’ I

want it to focus on the Black British culture whilst also giving our audience a teaching

moment that yes things may go wrong in life but this is how you pick yourself up, this

is who you speak to and this is how you deal with it. I want How We Live to be

authentic; we have worked so hard and done so well forming our own lane, in terms of

how we look, how we sound musically and now I want that to translate into how we are


2. This film was an fascinating watch with lots of fresh new talent on screen.

What was the process like creating this movie? Do you have any favourite memories?

Chante: The process, was fun but scary. This was my first time doing something like this (other than just being an actress) so I really went out of my comfort zone but surprisingly I

have really enjoyed it. I love seeing my visions come to life because I’m such a creative

person my mind is always running with new ideas so How We Live is an outlet for me.

The party scene was very very very fun, the whole day was long but when you see me

laughing in that scene, that’s really how I felt. I was so happy. We have some BTS coming up so you guys can all see some of the process.

3) How We Live was so well made, what are some of the themes within the film

and what do hope viewers learn from it?

Chante: Thank you so much! I’d say the major themes were friendship, trust, love, decision

making and consequences. All such big aspects of life and I really want the audience to think about the decisions we make and how impactful they can be. I really feel like they got that.

4) Moving on You’ve had an impressive career so far. With your film and solo

appearances in movies such as The Pill, Let Go , I choose you and Look at me.

Could you share how it all started? Who were some of your inspirations

growing up ?

Chante: Thank you! (You guys are just full of compliments aha) So Look at me was actually the first monologue I wrote for myself. I’ve been acting since the age of 5, been to theatre

schools and drama schools and yeah it’s been something I’ve always loved doing.

Everyone calls me a drama queen and now I take that crown and wear it on my head

with honour. With Look at Me I decided I wanted to take my career into my own hands

and that’s when I started uploading monologues, whether myself or in collaboration with

someone and that just brought along the most amazing opportunities and is definitely a

reason why I am here today.

Take your career into your own hands because no one is just going to hand it to you

(which was also one of the motivating factors of How We Live).

I would say my acting inspirations are Kerry Washington, Issa Rae, Leticia Wright,

Keke Palmer and Margot Robbie. I love all of these women for different reasons that

are unique to their character and career and each reason continues to push me every

day, they inspire me so much.

5) Let’s talk Purpose Productions. Could you share how and why you started the

company. What goals do you have with such a new and refreshing platform?

Chante: I started Purpose Productions because I believe I am fulfilling my purpose through my art and I wanted a platform where I could do that for myself and on my own accord.

How I would like to use it to inspire others is by offering project development packages

where I can help with script writing, treatments and locations. All you need to bring

your project to life. As we say, you dream and we create and that’s what we do.

6) Finally, What’s coming up next from you. Could we look forward to more

monologues, short films or a web series ?

Chante: Absolutely, more of everything! We are looking to convert How We Live into a Web

series so we have started production for that and I just can’t want for you all to see.

For more info and updates follow Chante on Twitter and Instagram

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