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Meet Hermez. The promising R&B artist shares his latest single Militant and tells his story so far

Soon to be a major name in the music game . Atlanta born singer songwriter and artist Hermez takes centre stage with a swift chat about his latest feel good up tempo track Militant.

The upcoming star released a series of bangers all heard on his previous album Oasis. The talented music act stopped by share more about his latest single and also shares the themes within the single, his inspirations growing up and what many can expect from him coming up especially his new song Vroom and live shows coming up soon.

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1) Hey Hermez, thank you for featuring on the platform. You just released your

new single Militant.. What could you tell us about it?

Hermez: Thank you for having me on here. I'm stoked that we finally dropped Militant

It's like this song has been brewing inside me since January? It's all about a past lover and it just has that that poetic vibe to it, you know?

2) This tune is a banger, though it’s short it holds sultry, feel good and up-tempo

danceable energy. What made you want to make this track?

Hermez: Thank you! Militant is something I've always wanted to create. I felt like the stars aligned perfectly when I made this track, and it allowed me to create exactly what I was

hoping to.

3) Militant is well made, what are some of the themes within the song and what

do hope viewers learn from it?

Hermez: Militant is all about being real and true to yourself. It's about following your heart

and speaking your mind, no matter what comes with it. I hope when people hear it, they get

inspired to embrace their emotions and just connect with others on a deeper level. People

always remember how you make them feel.

4) You’ve had an impressive run so far with the awesome album Oasis. Could

you share how it all started? Who were some of your inspirations growing up ?

Hermez: Oh, the journey to “Oasis has been amazing! It started back in Nigeria with my cousin AP plugging me into the Afro scene. From there, I collaborated with some phenomenal artists such as Suté Iwar, AYLØ, Time lyre, Ye Ali. Working with people that talented just pushed me to the next level. Since we dropped that the support has been crazy. But honestly, we're just getting started! When it comes to my inspirations I would definitely have to say; Sade, Pharrell, Wizkid, Lil Wayne, and Drake.

5) Let’s talk about achievements . What has been one of your best achievements

so far that you are most proud of?

Answer: Achievements are cool, but honestly, I'm more focused on the work itself. If I had to pick one, though, releasing Oasis was a major highlight. Seeing the album come to life and see the love from fans was incredible. Oasis was a very cohesive project, something I needed to do. This next joint is going to define the new era of Hermez.

6) Finally, What’s coming up next from you. Could we look forward to more

monologues, short films or a web series ?

Hermez: There's a lot of exciting stuff coming up. I just produced my own candle line called “Angel Energy”. My next single, VROOM, is also on the way! A couple of shows out in London too. New flows more shows. I’m coming heavy with my team this year. Divine Tree, Parasoul & Outer South.

For more you can follow Hermez online via Instagram and Twitter

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