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Meet Jessica Kuka. The R&B star shares her story, single Rollercoasting, her dream collabs & more

She's gorgeous, sweet and you'll love the way she sounds. Introducing British music sensation Jessica Kuka. The rising R&B Pop singer songwriter and artist has been impressing music fans with her soft sultry vocals surrounded by steady and certi production. Influenced by artists like Jorja Smith, Raye and Miraa May the UK top talent whose single Rollercoasting is rocketing up the net with thousands of views and counting and a slick colourful video to match Jessica gives the low down on her creating process, studio vibes, what her early start was like and more. Jessica Kuka who has served a span of feel good jawns like Attention, Reminiscing and more joined us to chat about her music career so far and what she has ready for fans around the world.

Stream Rollercoasting on Spotify, Apple Music , YouTube Music and Soundcloud 1. Hey Jessica , We welcome you and thank you for sharing your latest track Rollercoasting, What could you tell us about the single? Jessica: Hey! First of all I’d like to say thank you for having me. I really appreciate it. Rollercoasting essentially emphasises a lot of situationships within our generation today, it delves into toxic relationships and the pursuit of fulfilment beyond current circumstances. It encapsulates the turmoil of feeling trapped, leading to seeking emotional solace elsewhere. The chorus acts as an emotional rollercoaster, vividly portraying the ups and downs of jumping from one person to another.

2.The song is such a vibe. It’s low down groove and bounce production and mellow energy are a perfect match for your lyrics. What was it like making the track in the studio, did you have fun?

Jessica: The studio is my favourite place on earth, I would live there if I could. I recorded Rollercoasting with OkikiBeats (who is a musical genius), we are always vibing - I don’t know how he puts up with me to be honest, but that’s the thing - when energies sync, that’s when real music comes alive. At first I was hesitant about the song which is what usually happens and there's OkikiBeats, confidently saying, "This is it!" And guess what? It clicked, and it clicked hard. It's like the floodgates opened – ideas, melodies, you name it. We finessed every sound and vocal until it hit that “spot”.

3) You’ve been doing very well with alot songs and visuals including Something I’m not, Reminiscing , Affection, Bring Me In and more. Where did it all start for you and who were your influences growing up ?

Jessica: Thank you, to be honest, it's been quite a journey. I've always been a creative, and deep down, I've known that making music is what I'm here for. Everything began for me when I was doing musical theatre as a kid – around 10 or 11, that's when the spark ignited.

Secondary school came around and I remember writing my first song on the piano at 14. That was the moment it all clicked – I'd spend hours locked away in the music room, skipping classes, just lost in my own bubble, writing and singing.

I grew up in Oxford, but I'd commute to London every day, just because I wanted to be surrounded by creatives and likeminded people in a music college (I finally got there when I turned 16). And more recently, I dropped everything and relocated to London so I could continue chasing my passion whilst working a normal job to fund my career at 20.

Back in the day, ballads were a bit of me, so you'd catch me belting out Adele, Beyoncé, and Ariana Grande. These days, I align more with the likes of Raye, Miraa May, and Jorja Smith – artists who I’d say speak to my current vibe. I'm just here for a good time, good people and good music.

4) You’ve done an amazing job so far. If you could work with any producer, rapper and songwriter on your album. Who would they be and why? Jessica: The music scene is a playground of raw talent, packed with amazing artists, producers, and songwriters. I’d say if Raye and Miraa Mays pen game were in the same room there would just be endless hits. Raye is on another level, she’s written for Beyoncé and Rihanna, and that's saying something.

Then we've got Miraa May, who has worked with UK sensations like Jorja Smith and loads more. If I was in the room with them both I’d probably pass out. Just both of them alone, even to have them as features would be an honour.

In terms of rappers I’d say Dave, Stormzy, Drake, Tory Lanez and Headie One – I’d say I listen to them the most, and their flows and music styles are just dope, and would work with my sound the most. Other than that, I’m very open minded and open to work with anyone who loves music as much as I do, especially within the R&B and Afro R&B sector.

5) As an artist your audience is important . What do you hope fans and new listeners take from your music. what message and values do you hope they learn? Jessica: Music is a universal language so it's for anyone and everyone to understand it based on their own experiences and own terms. I leave it to the listeners to decide how they feel so it takes them on their own individual journey. Usually I write based off of my mood or my own life experiences, not everyone can relate to, but hopefully can in their own terms. For example, songs I've released in the past like Bring me in, I just wanted people to feel confident and sexy when they listen to it, Rollercoasting is something a lot of people go through in this generation so I knew it would be a great drop. And with Remincisng, this one was to raise awareness to the victims who have experienced sexual harassment, so that they feel heard and understood. However, the way it's understood to people is completely versatile.

6) Finally, What’s coming up next from you, more music videos in the works or maybe going on tour ?

Jessica: There's a lot happening behind the scenes. You will definitely be getting a project coming from me in the next few months featuring some cool artists, producers and songwriters. I feel like I've grown so much as an artist since my last release and I'm so excited to share what i've got going on. This project is a little different but the one I'm most excited for yet. Definitely expect some visuals and complete vibes 🤭 For more info and updates follow Jessica Kuka on Twitter , Instagram and TikTok

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