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Meet June the artist . The Portuguese rising star talks about his EP Libra, his early beginnings and more

The incredible talent of June is to be discovered by everyone. From the epic sounds heard on his 2019 EP Self Love and Melanism to his super fresh remixes such as Tay C - Encorps Remix, Omah Lay - Imagine Remix and so many other fantastic renditions to popular music June the Artist is a beast on the mic and a fine executor of rhymes, bars and flows. The Portugal born talent releases his newest three track EP Libra which features the songs : Making Love, Zona De Conforto and Jeito Que Me Tocas . Mixing the diamond sounds of R&B, Rap and up-tempo two step genres June the Artist shares with us the insight into the making of his brand new project, what he hopes listeners will gain and his early days starting out in music.

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1)    Hey June thank you for sharing your new EP Libra with the world, it’s amazing. What could you tell us about it?

June: This project is so special to me, I was born and grew up in Lisbon Portugal and grew listening to the music genres we have in our culture Zouk, Kizomba always with a dream of making a project on those genres so it was certainly a dream come true making this project.



2)    This EP is a real treat for listeners and your fans. What made you want to make this project and what direction were you going for ?


June: I just wanted to hit home, and when I say home I mean back home where I grew up Lisbon Portugal - they listen to my stuff in English and they love it but I feel like they can’t truly connect fully so I wanted to give them something they can connect and feel from the roots.


3) What do you hope listeners gain from listening to the EP and to you as an artist?


June: It was really about giving the people back home something to connect to and also bringing those vibes here to the UK making the UK more aware of these genres etc and pushing boundaries - something new.



4)  You’ve had an impressive run so far with the release of your singles such as : Refem,  Ele vs Ela, Fxre and Sxvage. How would you describe your growth as an artist ?


June: It’s been crazy I have changed my sound a lot since those singles for the better to allow more versatility more genres so there’s so much more on the way stay tuned



5) Let’s talk about your early days in music. Who were some of the artists and groups that you grew up listening to and how did they inspire your sound coming up?

June: I’ve always been a big R&B lover - I'm a big Aaliyah fan, Erykah Badu, I'm a big J Cole fan I also love story telling music.



6)  Finally, What’s coming up next from you. Could we look forward to more music videos, covers and any live shows coming up ?


June : I’ve got a lot on the way this year I wanna keep pushing boundaries and experimenting new sounds new collabs - the plan is to drop LIBRA II later this year and and another Ep. To find out more follow June The Artist on Instagram and Twitter

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