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Meet Liamar. The South African rapper debuts his EP From the u to you and shares his story so far

South African rap music is popping more than it's ever been. With the rise of genre like Amapiano buzzing across the globe it's only right we put you onto another ground breaking artist. Meet Liamar.

The Uitenhage native who grew up around crime but found his way out by picking up a notepad and pen and dropping rhymes building an aptitude for writing poems, lyrics and producing music, which saw him naturally go on to rap . Coming up in the underground rap scene and taking his sound all across Cape town and beyond. Liamar shared his debut EP S99: From U to You. The four track project is an interesting introduction into the South African's artist sound and artistry. Liamar gave us more insight into his EP and told us more about his influences.

Stream the EP available on YouTube, Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify

1)    Greetings Liamar, welcome to our platform, you just released your EP From u to you. Could you tell us what it’s all about ?

Liamar : This project is all about me trying to show my supporters where I'm from and figuring out where I'm going from here.




2)    What was the inspiration behind the EP and what do you hope people take from the project ?


         Liamar : This project was inspired by the lives of those around me and how they affect my life.

3) Your music is very versatile and dynamic , heavily hip hop and is a unique sound . Who were some of your influences as an artist ?


Liamar : Growing up I listened to a whole lot of different genres… But Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Kanye West and Earl Sweatshirt (to name a few) stood out to me.


4) We’ve noted that you grew up writing poetry, who are some of your favourites and do you remember your first rap lyrics ?

Liamar : I don’t really have a favourite poet, mainly because I never really read poetry like that. But I feel like the way Kendrick Lamar writes/raps his raps is poetry, saying that to say he is my favourite poet. Yes I do remember them, I still have that song.

5)  How would you describe your growth as an artist so far?

Liamar : I’d say steady



6)  Finally, What’s coming up next from you this year, more music videos in the works or maybe going on tour ?

Liamar : More music, more videos

To find out more follow Liamar on Instagram

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