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Meet ObaaHemaaa, the viral dance choreographer talks her early career, going viral, YouTube & 2022

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Wow! She is one of the most seen dance talents in the UK across music videos, social sites and the other platform towers like TikTok and that isn't for no reason. ObaaHemaaa , the Italian born stage performer, content creator and dancer who has been bringing the world joy, laughter and excitement through her innovative choreography, photography and videos. The charismatic stepper has also appeared in numerous music videos and dance freestyle visuals where she went viral such as her #MeryChallenge which became a global attraction with thousands of people jumping on the dance wave. She's been booked and busy with her also thriving YouTube channel where she hosts various dance, fashion and lifestyle vlogs, building her sneaker wall as well as her reactions to popular remix' to songs and her 'How to' dance tutorials to popular Afrobeat, Amapiano and Afro-dance tracks. We got a chance to have a little chit-chat with the busy lady herself to find out more.

1. ObaaHemaaa it’s an honour to chat with you about all things dance, your work and your reputation proceeds you well indeed. How have you been?

Oba: Hey, It’s my pleasure to be here. Not me having an Interview loool, I’m doing good thank you.

2. Your dance journey has been massive, with you showcasing so much captivating performances and appearing in various music videos and campaigns but before all where did your dance career start?

Oba. Well, it started In Italy. Do you remember the Jerk & Dougie era? Yeah, I was the first female to start In Italy and decided to make a crew out of It. Then being in school they had this after school activity. Every school in the province had to choose a crew, create choreography, and compete with other schools. I just loved that type of experience and decided to pursue it. It all started with HipHop then Azonto/Afrobeat when I moved to the UK In 2013 I fell In love with the African sound, signed up to Instagram and I was just posting for fun from there had the opportunity to be In Jaij Holland’s KaiKai video, Fuse ODG - Outside of the ropes (dance video), I had the chance to compete at the ABDC by Homebros In 2017 and many more. I believe with the way I dance I want to make people smile. That’s the most important thing for me.

3. So, with this huge move from just dancing which clearly from your work bringing love, enjoyment, and quality to life, who were some of the choreographers or even those in pop culture that inspired along your journey?

Oba: OMD! Ciara, Missy Elliot, Christ Brown, Usher, Aaliyah. Films like “Stomp the Yard” “Honey” “Step Up”. I could spend hours watching them and learning new moves.

4. There’s so much to say but you got to chat us through the viral moments in your career so far, you’ve had your dance routines explode everywhere, going viral on Tik Tok, where were you when this happened?

Oba: In my house, literally as I said before all I do Is dance to make people happy and these are things that just come unexpectedly. Shocking with reaching over 1 million views on YouTube, over 800K on Instagram and TikTok It just puts a smile on my face seeing people enjoying what I love.

5. We love the work you do and it’s so encouraging to view and we’re sure there’s more coming up soon, what genre of music do you enjoy dancing to the most and why?

Oba: Afrobeat! it has to be my top favourite. It’s just the African sounds in it. At the moment Amapiano got my heart but Azonto is my baby

6. Last of all, from your experience so far what words of wisdom could pass on towards many peers or any dance students may be looking for some?

Oba: Enjoy dancing, and don’t focus on going viral on socials, dance should be a form of expression, a way to bring happiness, be open to learning new genres, share your skills with other dancers, and be humble, don’t let fame take you out the game.

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