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Michaela Adama. The British creator of online duo Michaela & Yasmin debuts fashion brand MIIKEL

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

The bubbly and energetic creator returns to our screens again to debut her luxurious new fashion brand MIIKEL. An all-stand-out premium women's wear collection with a colourful range, absolutely divine designs and surely have your wardrobe never going out of style.

We caught up with the London -based vlogger and entrepreneur to catch up on all things YouTube about her entertaining fashion hauls and reviews on pop culture. Michaela Adama is a name to recognise One half of the British online duo Michaela and Yasmin she elaborates more on her journey, her favourite vlogs, what's like to start her new venture and more.

1. Welcome Michaela, we don’t need any intro with what you’ve been killing so far with the popping YouTube channel with bestie Yasmin, how has it been since we last spoke?

Michaela: Hiya! Aww thank you so much ! it has been good you know. I feel like we both are enjoying ourselves creating our hauls and content in general. Just taking it as it comes. As of recently, we have been really busy with developing our own personal brands (@yaz.label & @miikellondon) so we haven’t been as consistent but real soon we will be back with our regular hauls and uploads.

2. We really appreciate your works together, especially the lit fashion featuring ZARA, ASOS, Pretty Little Thing, and Converse, which haul has been your favourite one doing and why?

Michaela: Thank you! Yeah, I really enjoy filming and creating Hauls with Yasmin. I think shopping and finding cute pieces are fun for us both from various brands. I would say my fave hauls are the PLT hauls and I would say Zara too cause you can really find good quality trendy pieces there. I have always shopped at PLT even prior to filming hauls and I love it because PLT has so many options, always on-trend at such an affordable price. Having said that I did enjoy filming the black-owned brand haul because we got to try out and look for new brands etc.

3. Now you recently just debuted your fashion brand MIIKEL, and it looks allllll that, what inspired you to take this route?

Michaela: Aww, I really appreciate that, thank you! I would say that this was the path I was always heading to. It’s not a new thought of mine, it is something that I have always wanted to do since the beginning of time. I just waited for the right time to pursue this dream of mine. I have always been drawing clothes since I was a little girl and just kept at it really and now we have MIIKEL.

4. The fashion is so beautiful with a lavish range of dynamic dresses, and various outfit assembles, what was it like designing these products, was it an easy journey?

Michaela: Thank you so much! I’m happy you like them :) Funnily enough, I've had these ideas in my notes for a long time except for the Turquoise Lime set which I designed when another idea of mine did not work out lol. I would say for years when I have had an idea, or inspiration or when I have envisioned something ... I write it down in my notes or screenshot my outfit inspirations etc.

So it is more a case where an idea comes, I make a note of it then draw later on. I did not really find the design aspect challenging or difficult. I think when it comes to the execution and the manufacturers understanding your vision and how you want the pieces to be is more technical and where the stress can come in I would say. The first lockdown is where I started drawing out all my designs and ideas, I bought a sketchbook and just went from there really.

5. You just dropped a blazing vlog with Yasmin featuring a haul for your brand and the behind the scenes shoot with a variety of models, how was that experience for you? Michaela: Yes we did! I think the experience was surreal and really heartwarming for me. To know that my hard work and vision had been executed to my standard and so well really made me happy and feel fulfilled. It could get stressful at times when it came to the planning and preparation for the shoot and just figuring things out in general. Everything and everyone was good vibes and perfect. All in all a really positive experience for me. It is also quite exciting that I can film MIIKEL hauls now, not just solely other brands.

6. With the Christmas season coming up we know there’s so much in the works from you more from MIIKEL, more vlogs and defo more glam, what can we watch out for?

Michaela: Yes for sure. Definitely will try and get back on track with Youtube etc. Maybe we will do vlogmas as it was fun to do last year, most likely we will be back with those hauls and more personal brand content I believe. With MIIKEL just getting my brand more out there and making the most out of the first collection before another is released. Just executing well is a goal of mine.

You can follow Michaela online on Twitter for updates and more creative fashion fun. Stay for more vlogs from her and the bold and loveable dynamic duo coming soon.

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