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Namugga makes a prime debut with intro EP City Fox. The soulful newcomer talks on its construction

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Photography by Reuel Cuffie

This next artist is a singer, lyricist and voice that will resonate with many. Emerging from the London capital is British-Ugandan R&B soulful artist Namugga (pronounced: Na-mu-gah) . A fresh but lucky sound to hear with her liberation and healing EP City Fox. Through the debut project she showcases her story of overcoming dark times and inner city hardships and traumatic experiences to the soul touching refreshment and wisdom as heard on the EP's interlude. It's a been while since we come across a UK talent that's made a lasting impression from just the first listen and Namugga is a name that will be memorable. The popular R&B, Country and Soul sound around the home powering through the speakers act like Destiny's Child, Beyonce and also Gospel music and the richness of the music from her Ugandan heritage helped steer her in the right direction. Over the years growing through the ropes and enhancing her skills during her time at Institiute of Contemporary Music Performance in London. Now with the 5 track projects introducing the songs: Started Off As, Blood on the Streets, City Fox ( Interlude), City Fox and Escapism featuring Rap artist Kale. With the support of extraordinary musicians such as Pianist Etienne Brown, Bassist Matéus, Guitarist Rob Woods, Percussionist Drummer Radushko, Orchestral string composers: Michael Amadi and Francesco Di Cataldo, Celloist Isabella Gray and Violinists Helena Logah and Nat Willow. Namugga shares the ocean of emotions in the EP, the behind the scenes action from the first music video, her dream collaboration and exclusive info on her live performance at the Granville Community Festival this weekend.

Stream the full EP on Spotify

1 . Namugga thank you so much for the chance to chat about your first ever project City Fox. It’s a 5-track special. How does it feel to have it out there? Namugga: I’m so happy to have it out there in the world. It’s been a long time coming and I'm really excited for people to hear it, for it to resonate and heal with the project because it’s been very healing for me to create.

2. It’s vital to hear more and even fresh voices and sounds out there so hearing from you is a must. City Fox is an interesting name for the EP. Why is it called this and could you explain the narrative of the project? Namugga: The title City Fox came about from a conversation with a uni friend who hadn’t been in London long, a scrawny fox ran in front of us and she asked me what it was, I told her it was a City Fox and she said it would be a really cool song title so I banked it and here we are. The project as a whole explores some traumatic events that I experienced during my adolescence and early twenties. I wanted to create a project that reflects my experience growing up on an inner-city estate and the collateral damage being in that environment has had on, not only my family but my community as well

3. On your EP you have 5 records with the lead video for the first single ‘Started Off As’ making a big wave for new audiences. It must’ve been a truly stunning shoot day on set. How did that go? Namugga: The shoot day was honestly a great first-time experience, we managed to capture all the shots on my storyboard and had a fun time doing so. I’m so so soo grateful to everyone involved and for offering me their time on the day. The only downside for me was having to blow dry out my fresh cornrows, they were so fresh and neat!

4. Now we got to rewind back to how you first started out in music haha. What were the early days like for you and who did you channel through your speakers or on the stereo growing up? Namugga: To be honest I've always been musical, from school talent shows to singing in the choir. I’ve been writing songs, poems and pieces pretty much all my life and decided to take it more seriously when I went to ICMP. I was able to grow in my writing and meet some amazing artists along the way. It has also allowed me to fully develop my sound and style. In my early days I was very much a Destiny’s Child, Beyonce stan, almost religiously and in my household, my mum would always have gospel, country, ballads and Ugandan music playing around the house. As I've gotten older I listen to a lot of songwriters that inspire me to be authentic and raw in my artistry such as SZA, Jordan Rakei, Frank Ocean, H.E.R, James Blake and Ms Lauryn Hill.

5. If you could collaborate with any professional in the music field alive today, who would they be and why? Namugga: This is such a tough question but I'd have to say Labrinth because he is incredible. I've always been a fan of his writing and his ability to create interesting soundscapes and bend ‘genres’. I love his honesty and his ability to embody different characters and perspectives and make it sound authentic. If given the chance we’d write a song for Euphoria with Gospel and moody electronic vibes.

6. Lastly, what’s coming up next from Namugga, have you got any late summer or winter joints coming through? haha and what would you like to say to new supporters? Namugga: I’m performing on the 7th of May at the Granville community Festival and a couple more gigs to be confirmed. I also have a single coming out at the end of Summer/ Autumn that I'm really excited to put out. And to all my new supporters I'd like to say hi and thank you for coming on this journey with me, I’m excited for us to grow together. To continue that journey with Namugga and more on her live appearance this Saturday in London hit that follow button on her Twitter, Instagram & Tik Tok. Subscribe to her YouTube

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