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Nia M shares more on her single Nevergreen. The Santomean-Portuguese singer- songwriter talks on her journey so far and more

She's amazingly talented and we're sure that you'll love her. Santomean-Portuguese singer and songwriter Nia M lights up the scene with her impressive new single Nevergreen. The mid-tempo track is a superb number and proves that Nia deserves all the flowers she gets. The incredible rising talent who wowed thousands of fans with her recent singles such as Gravity, Limao & Pimenta and much more shares her sterling come up story.

The upcoming R&B star joined us to chat about her latest single as well as what it was like working with producer Vox on the record. Nia also shared her views on her growth as an upcoming artist and also chats about her early days growing up through music and more on her inspirations.

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  1. Welcome Nia. We love the new single Nevergreen. How did the song first come about?

Nia M : I was sent a demo beat by Vox and started writing to it. To me

Nevergreen expresses the feeling of being trapped in a cycle; of self-

sabotaging and never truly succeeding and also being in countries where

your current reality or future feels so far out of your control.

2) You teamed up with producer Vox on this record. What was it like working

with him and how was the recording process?

Nia M : I’ve worked with Vox many times before and it’s always a pleasure

having someone you know will try to push you out of your comfort zone,

Nevergreen was out of my usual but I truly enjoyed recording it and the final


3) What do you hope listeners gain from listening to the single and to you as

an artist?

Nia M : I know some people say lyrics don't matter but I’d love for people to

listen to me beyond my voice but to really hear what I’m saying. I rarely write

just for the sake of it, there’s always a hidden message or hidden reflections.

As an artist I hope to encourage people to want better for themselves and

ultimately people around them.

4) You’ve had an impressive run so far with the release of your singles such

as : Gravity, I Know My Worth and Limao & Pimenta just to name a few. How

would you describe your growth as an artist ?

Nia M : As an artist just like anyone I feel like I’m constantly trying to find

myself, every time I feel closer to finding the answer there's always more to

unlock. I’d say that now I’m more confident then I was before which helps me

keep going.

5) Let’s talk about your early days in music. Who were some of the artists and

groups that you grew up listening to and how did they inspire your sound

coming up?

Nia M: Great question, growing up as part of the Palop community I listened

to a wide variety of music from Kizomba, Afro House and Funk; some of the

artists include Nelson Freitas, Deejay Telio, Perola. I also listened to a lot of classic RnB, in particular Rihanna and Beyonce. Many might not know this but my first few songs were Kizomba, I felt like that’s what was expected of me but I soon realised I like listening to it more than I like making it. So naturally I’m influenced by a lot of cultures and even

more now that I live in London. So I’m not sure yet how to define my sound.

6) Finally, What’s coming up next from you. Could we look forward to more

music videos, covers and any live shows coming up ?

Nia M: You can expect more collaborations with other artists. I've been in

contact with some amazing musicians and producers that I’m really excited

about. I’m making it my mission to be a lot more consistent this year and show

up more. You’ll need to keep an eye on me to see everything unfold. Make sure to follow Nia M on Instagram , Tik Tok and Threads

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