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Nina G presents a new R&B-Pop tune, So Far Away. she shares more on the track and Music talk series

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Winter is hereee! Happy festive season to you all and we bring you another exclusive music drop from none other than American R&B soul singing artist Nina G. The super-talented singer and songwriter gives to you her brand new deeply loved up crazy single, So Far Away. Based on a distant love connection with a potential signature and her brut affection and desire to go the distance for him. The fun, wild and static single produced d by (Prod Pink) is another step up in the fabulous line of singles that Nina G has dropped and also the very entertaining, factual and educative online YouTube series 'Music Talk with Nina G' which has featured a roundtable of industry professionals from A&Rs, Producers, Artists and Labels including Tejai Moore, Jade Leanne, Jordan Benjamin and Manny Bass to mention a few. The US music star gave us a full view of her latest record and more.

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1. Welcome back Nina, we're going to cut to chase lol. So Far Away. The newest record from your 2021. It's a consistent impressive addition to your sound. Could you share more about the song, what's the backdrop?

Nina: It’s good to be back, to be honest! I feel like I’ve been super silent for a while, but I’m slowly making my way back to releasing more and more music. This song is about love from a distance. I heard this beat one night, probably around early spring, and it made me feel so whimsical and dream-like. I honestly sat there and thought, yeh- this is a love song for sure! However, I didn’t want your typical love song, so I started asking myself how would somebody describe falling for someone who isn’t anywhere near them; a song that speaks to long-distance lovers? The pandemic also inspired this song because no one could actually meet, so love was mainly being formed online or in person much later.

2. This isn’t the only track you've received now. you also dropped Temptation and Soy Yo, how would you describe his new sound from you?

Nina: With ‘Temptation’ it was about tuning into RnB a lot more than I previously have. Whereas with ‘Soy Yo’, I wanted to start introducing some of my Spanglish work. I didn’t grow up speaking Spanish, and even until this day I am not fluent, and if you don’t know already, I love turning what people shame me for into empowering music. ‘Soy Yo’ is about embracing how mixed I am and letting the world know that I feel no shame for it. I definitely plan on releasing more Spanglish songs, it’s just a matter of sitting with all the material I have in Spanish right now and recording.

3. How was the development of the record as a songwriter It's deeply grounded on the theme of distant love, deep attraction, and curiosity? What was it like writing this and who produced this record?

Nina: As a songwriter, it was so fun to get me into story mode and start writing a love song based on distance and deep attraction. I remember I was sitting at my desk vibing to this beat, and I just started singing. It really was a joy to work on. However, funny enough, I nearly didn’t release this track. I genuinely struggled to put it out because I kept thinking it wasn’t good enough, and it was only recently when I concluded that as an artist while critiquing yourself is necessary, there is a point where you need to stop being so hard on yourself; you need to remember the journey and the process. Nothing will ever be perfect, and the standards I set for myself are always changing, and sometimes you just need to make yourself shut up about critique and just release it. In terms of the producer, there is this incredible guy called Adam, he’s known on Youtube as (Prod. Pink) and his beats are my favourite to use.

4. This year you've been really busy with new song releases and also with your online YouTube series 'Music talk with Nina G' for those who are new to it, what's it all about and what's been one of the best values that it brings in the music industry?

Nina: Oh my god I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me about this because it’s been such a journey! ‘Music Talk with Nina G’ is a Youtube series that I started in 2020 where I invite people for a live interview from different parts of the industry to speak about their experience and about their advice. I started releasing music when I was 13 and I went in completely blind. Therefore, I created this series because it’s time to talk about music; to get real about the struggles but also about the love and passion you find within it. It’s about opening up a conversation and creating a sense of realness against the superficiality we tend to find in the music industry.

5. What episode of your podcast can we look forward to next and which episode has been a favourite of yours overall and why?

Nina: I actually have two episodes that have been pending to come out, and they are such exciting episodes. I cannot wait to release them, especially because for such a small series, I have managed to reach out to some pretty influential people, and their advice is pure gold. While these episodes were meant to come out ages ago, it has been a very silent period in terms of the production of the series. As the year comes to an end, I am looking to innovate and reimagine the series and start thinking about the future of ‘Music Talk With Nina G’

In terms of my favourite episode, it would have to be the one I had with Just Isaiah and Féroce, due to the energy in that episode being so dope and full of good vibrations. However, I must admit that the two episodes that are yet to come out are also favourite’s of mine because the conversation and was just so interesting and I haven’t seen anyone else delve into those sectors of the industry yet.

6. To conclude to all, what's coming up soon from Nina G and what's the new year looking like for you, more live shows and more fresh new music?

Nina: DEFINITELY new music! I’ve been sitting on a lot of new material, and I cannot wait to release it. I slowly want to get back into performing live, but for now, I’m just working on my craft and making sure I release stuff that I am proud of and really enjoy.

To connect with Nina G and find the latest updates follow her on Twitter, Instagram and on other socials right here

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